Ring Fence Policy – 1765-1813 – Best Indian History Notes

Ring Fence Policy

The Ring Fence Policy (1765-1813) was put into place through Warren Hastings to create buffer zones that would protect the company’s frontiers. It was an approach to defend their borders with their neighbours to defend their territories. The states that formed a ring fence were required to have subsidiary forces which were organized, equipped and … Read more

Best Notes on Jainism and Buddhism

Jainism and Buddhism religions – cause of their origin – founders – important point-wise notes for different competitive exams Religious Movements: Jainism and Buddhism In the Post-Vedic Period, Numerous religious sects (or movements) arose because the Vedic philosophy had lost its original purity. Major Cause of Religious Movements Spread of a new agricultural economy When … Read more

Easy Notes on Post Mauryan Period

Post Mauryan Period (Pre-Gupta Period): Sunga dynasty, Kanva Dynasty, Satavahana Dynasty, Indo-Greek rulers, Saka rulers, Sangam Period – all important points for different competitive exams Post Mauryan Period Sunga Dynasty Kanva Dynasty Satavahana Dynasty Indo-Greeks The Saka The Parthians The Kushans The Sangam Period   Cholas  Cheras  Pandyas  Capital  Uraiyaur  Vanjji  Madurai  Emblem  Tiger  Bow  … Read more

Bullet Notes on Mauryan Dynasty

Indian National Movement and history notes for government exams

Best and Easy Notes on Mauryan Dynasty – covering all important points of Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Ashoka, Dasharatha, Samprati, Shakshuka, Devvarman and Brihadratha. The Maurya dynasty was founded by Chandragupta Maurya who seems to have belonged to an ordinary (a low caste) family. Mauryan empire genealogy: Chandragupta Maurya  Bindusara  Ashoka  Dasharatha  Samprati  Shakshuka  Devvarman  Shatadhanvan  … Read more

Easy Notes on Early Vedic and later Vedic Lifestyle

Indian National Movement and history notes for government exams

Early Vedic and Later Vedic Period – a comprehensive lifestyle and differences in their geographical location, political life, society, religion, and Economic life. Early Vedic and later Vedic People’s Lifestyle Geographical Location of Early Vedic People Political Life of Early Vedic People Society of Early Vedic Period Religion during Early Vedic Period Economic life of … Read more

Easy notes Mahajanapadas and Magadha Dynasties

Mahajanapadas and Magadha Dynasties – Best and bullet-point notes – capital and modern location – Harayanak dynasty – Shisunaga Dynasty – Nanda Dynasty In the early Vedic Period, People were only dependent on Animal husbandry but in later Vedic period, people adopted cultivation as their prime source of livelihood. Agriculture depends on some factors like … Read more

Easy Notes on Gupta Period | Important Gupta Rulers

Indian National Movement and history notes for government exams

In this post, we will cover the Gupta Period – all the important rulers of the Gupta Period – Chandragupta 1, Samundragupta, Chandragupta 2, Kumar Gupta, gupta dynasty last ruler complete History Best Notes Genealogy (Important Rulers) Introduction Chandragupta I Samundragupta Chandragupta II Kumargupta I Skandagupta Other important points FAQs On Gupta Rulers

Easy Notes on Second Anglo Sikh War (1848-49)

Indian National Movement and history notes for government exams

Second Anglo-Sikh War (1848-49) – Short Notes on Anglo-Sikh War, Causes and results, Cause of Second anglo Sikh war, the result of anglo Sikh war Second Anglo-Sikh War The second Anglo-Sikh war was a military conflict in 1848 and 1849 and this war was between the Britishers and Sikhs. The result was a fall of … Read more

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