Friction Complete Notes


Best notes on Friction | Type of friction | Static friction | Limiting friction | Kinetic friction | Rolling friction | Sliding friction | Laws of limiting friction | Angel of Friction | Friction is a necessary evil | Advantages of friction |Disadvantages of friction | Advantages and disadvantages of friction | Friction is an … Read more

Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

This post is about the definition, units and dimensions of distance, displacement, speed, velocity, Acceleration, the difference between distance and displacement, and the difference between speed and velocity. Distance- Distance is the length of the actual path covered by a moving object in a given time interval. Units of Distance- SI unit of distance is … Read more

Physical Quantity Unit and Dimension

physical quantity unit and dimension

Best Notes on Physical quantity | Scalar quantity | vector quantity | Fundamental quantity | Derived quantity | Unit | Importance of Unit | Property of Unit | Type of Unit | System of Unit | Definition of Basic and Supplementary S.I. units | Advantage of SI units | Some important derived units | Some … Read more

Viroids, Viruses and Bacteria: The Best way to describe

Viroids, Viruses and Bacteria are classified as Microbes. Generally, Microbes are living organisms that can’t be visible through naked eyes. in this post, we will learn all about them in detail. Viruses Viruses did not find a place in classification since they are not truly ‘living’ if we understand living as those organisms that have a cell … Read more