Updated SSC CHSL Job Profile in 2023-24

In this post, we are providing an updated and official SSC CHSL job profile, salary, and promotion which will motivate candidates to clear Staff Selection Commission-Combined Higher Secondary Level examination in the upcoming exam.

CHSL job profile
CHSL Job Profile

CHSL Job Profile

A job profile is a concise document that defines the essential aspects of a particular position within an organization. It outlines the key responsibilities, tasks, and duties associated with the role, along with the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience required. The job profile provides a clear understanding of the position’s objectives, reporting relationships, and performance expectations.

When any person is already working in an organization then he or she must be a designation. The designation is called job profile, in an organization each person can work in different posts and they have their own job profile. Job profile also defines their salary, promotion, and their working hours. So, in the below section of this post, we will cover the updated job profile of SSC CHSL with starting salary and promotion while working.

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SSC CHSL Job Profile in 2023-24

The CHSL job profile consists of various positions such as Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO), Postal Assistant (PA), Sorting Assistant (SA), and Court Clerk.

LDCs primarily handle clerical tasks, including data entry, file maintenance, and document verification. DEOs focus on accurate and efficient data entry and database management.

Postal Assistants are responsible for Sorting and processing mail, and assisting customers with their inquiries. Sorting Assistants are responsible for sorting and delivering mail, maintaining records, and providing customer service. The Court Clerk is responsible for administrative duties such as maintaining court records, scheduling hearings, managing case files, assisting with courtroom proceedings, and providing support to judges and lawyers.

These positions require proficiency in computer operations, data entry skills, organizational abilities, and effective communication. The CHSL job profile offers diverse roles within the government sector and provides opportunities to contribute to administrative and operational functions.

SSC CHSL Job Profile Overview

PostJob profile
Lower Division Clerk (LDC)Data entry, File maintenance, and Document verification
Data Entry Operator (DEO)Data entry and Database management
Postal Assistant (PA)Sorting and processing mail, assisting customers with their inquiries
Sorting Assistant (SA)Sorting & delivering mail, maintaining records, and providing customer service
Court Clerk Maintaining court records, Scheduling hearings, Managing case files, Assisting with courtroom proceedings, and other administrative duties

SSC CHSL salary in 2023-24

After being selected for SSC CHSL, It provides various types of posts which include Lower division clerk, Data entry operator, Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, and Court clerk. After the implementation of 7th pay commission, their updated salary is given as below:

  1. Lower division clerk: The salary of the lower division clerk varies between ₹19900-₹63200. This is only the basic pay and they also get the allowances and benefits like Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and Other Special Allowance.
  2. Data entry operator: Data entry operator is divided into 2 parts, the first is 4th level pay and the second is 5th level pay, selected candidates also get different payouts at different levels. Salary information is given below:
    • 4th level pay: In 4th level pay, candidates get the basic pay between ₹25,500–₹81,100, This is the basic pay and it allows various types of allowances like Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and Other Special Allowance.
    • 5th level pay: 5th level pay candidates also get the same allowances as 4th level pay. But the basic pay is different their basic pay is between ₹29,200–₹92,300.
  3. Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant: Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant salaries are the same which is between ₹25,500–₹81,100. And they also get the same allowances and benefits which are already mentioned in lower division clerk posts.
  4. Court Clerk: The starting salary of a Court clerk is between ₹19,900-₹63,200. And they also get the same allowances and benefits which are already mentioned in lower division clerk posts and Data entry operators.

Note: Salary structure may be changed due to experience, locality, and government policies.

SSC CHSL Salary Overview

Lower Division Clerk (LDC)₹19900-₹63200
Data Entry Operator (DEO)For 4th-level pay ₹25,500–₹81,100
For 5th-level pay ₹29,200–₹92,300
Postal Assistant (PA)₹25,500–₹81,100
Sorting Assistant (SA)25,500–₹81,100
Court Clerk₹19,900-₹63,200

SSC CHSL Promotion and Growth

When the candidates are selected in SSC CHSL, then SSC CHSL also provides the opportunity for Promotion and Growth. SSC CHSL provides various posts. Candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria for SSC CHSL, they are posted in different departments and their work profiles also differ.

Here we are providing the details that how can you get fast promotion in the SSC CHSL exam. How much time it will take to get the promotion, carrier growth, and its process. What are the highest posts you can achieve and many more.

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Lower division clerk

If candidates want to get promotion and carrier growth in a Lower division clerk, then it is mandatory to continuously work for 5 years-7 years in a Lower division clerk post. After that, they must pass the UDC (Upper Division Clerk) exam conducted by SSC. After exam candidates are selected as Upper Division Clerk. The higher post of the Lower division clerk is Section Officer. Promotion growth of Lower division clerks follows the steps:

Lower division clerk→Upper Division Clerk→Divisional Clerk→Section Officer

Data entry operator

CHSL also provides the opportunity and growth in Data entry operators. When the candidates want carrier growth and promotion then it is mandatory to pass SAS exam conducted by SSC. The highest position in this post is Entry Operator System Analyst (Grade F). When candidates pass the exam then they are selected as Data Entry Operators (Grade C). Step-by-step promotion and carrier growth of data entry operators are given below:

Data Entry Operator (Grade B)→Data Entry Operator (Grade C)→Data Entry Operator System Analyst (Grade F)

Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant

Candidates who are working in Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant posts and want promotion and carrier growth in this post so it is possible but after 5 years of working. The candidates should pass the departmental test administered by the postal department. And the candidates can be promoted to Inspector.

Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant→Inspector

Court Clerk

After 3 years of service as Court Clerks, then they get the opportunity for a departmental test that is held by the court. In this exam, candidates can get the post of Bench Clerk. The highest post of Court Clerk is Head Clerk. Promotion growth of Court Clerk follows the steps:

Court Clerk→Bench Clerk→Head Clerk

FAQs-CHSL Job Profile

What is CHSL?

CHSL stands for Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination. It is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in India to recruit candidates for various positions in government organizations.

What are the general job responsibilities of CHSL positions?

The job responsibilities of CHSL positions may vary depending on the specific job profile and the organization in which the candidate is appointed. Some common responsibilities include clerical tasks, data entry, record keeping, file management, assisting with administrative work, customer service, sorting and processing mail, and maintaining databases or records.

Are CHSL positions permanent or temporary?

CHSL positions can be both permanent and temporary, depending on the nature of the vacancy and the government organization’s policies. Some positions may be temporary or contract-based, while others may be permanent in nature.

Can CHSL positions be transferred to other cities or states?

Yes, CHSL positions can be transferred to other cities or states. Government organizations have the authority to transfer employees based on administrative requirements, organizational needs, or the employee’s request for transfer. Transfers are generally made within the same organization or department, but they can also involve a change of location.

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