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Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat is an initiative by Hon’ble prime minister Shri Narendra Modi to make India self-dependent and self-sufficient in energy, defence, semiconductor technology and other advanced technology. To become a superpower upto 2047 (Amrit Kaal), it is essential to be self-dependent to fulfil the nation’s needs.
The Ukraine-Russia war taught India a great lesson on the importance of self-dependency. We saw how Europe went through an energy crisis when Russia stopped the supply of Natural gas and fuel to Europe. We saw how Western sanctions closed the Russian economy for the nation. These sanctions prohibited countries from stopping trade immediately with Russia.
India is a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion. In a few years, India will surpass China in terms of population. Now, it is essential to be self-dependent to serve their vast population. They require jobs, energy, food, water, electricity, a good environment etc.
Aatmanirbhar means goods and services are made in India and made for India as well as for the global community. This great workforce will be required, which will be supplied from India. Hence, the Aatma-Nirbar Bharat mission will ensure employment for many unemployed people. E.g., China’s One belt one road initiative build infrastructure worldwide but ensures that china’s workers be recruited for construction activity. This ensured employability for Chinese people and a large amount of loan money was returned to china.
India’s export is always lesser than its import. This creates a vast trade deficit. India has the most significant trade deficit with China. Through the Aatmanirbhar programme, India will manufacture defence, consumable, medical and other products within India. It will ensure no more requirements to import, and surplus production can be exported. This way, the trade deficit will be converted into a Trade surplus, and India will have large foreign reserves to fulfil its other need.

Self-dependency brings power to bargain with other nations. Often dependent nations have few choices. This is the era of weaponisation of everything. Let’s say war occurs with Pakistan, and significant powers are supporting Pakistan. They may cut India’s supply of essential oil, fertilisers for agriculture, and sunflower oil or the supply of semiconductors for building electronic goods and weapons. It is said during the war, everything is fair. We have seen the weaponisation of the supply chain during the Ukraine-Russia war.
To ensure Aatma-nirbharta (self-dependency) government has come up with various schemes such as Make in India, Invest in India, ease of doing business, Make in India, Production linked Incentive, Special economic zone, Tax relaxation, Startup India, Mudra Yojana, easy loan, R & D, bilateral and multilateral projects in India and comprehensive economic partnership Agreements.
One more thing required for Aatmanirbharata is the diversity of procurement of goods and services which are rat ce in India, such as Uranium, Natural gas, Natural crude oil, fertilisers, Sunflower oil and defence procurement. In case of war, if some countries deny us these goods and services, then atleast other countries can save us from an abrupt supply crisis.
Poor Aatmanirbharta can easily be seen in our neighbour countries such as Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Due to Covid-19, when the supply of essentials abruptly, the citizens were greatly inconvenienced. We had some on television about people standing in a long queue for basic eatables, oil, gas and medicines. These nations were dependent on other nations for these products. It skyrocketed the price of crude oil, gas, milk, medicine, etc.
If we do not want to see the same thing occur to us, it is vital to ensure we are self-dependent to complete atleast our basic needs. And the rare thing which must be imported must be procured through diverse countries to ensure sustainable delivery of essentials like oil, fertilisers, defence equipment, medical instrument etc.

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