Food Safety Display Board

A food safety display board is an informational board or poster typically found in food establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. It serves as a visual tool to communicate important food safety information to both staff and customers.

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FSSAI Role Function and Initiative – is the most important topic as per FSSAI Exam 2021 syllabus. in this post, I am providing “A General Understanding of FSSAI Role, Functions and Initiatives” detailed Notes and this is the Next chapter – Food Safety Display Board.

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Food Safety Display Board

A food safety display board is an informational board or poster typically found in food establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. It serves as a visual tool to communicate important food safety information to both staff and customers. The display board aims to enhance awareness and promote good hygiene practices, ultimately ensuring the safety and quality of the food being served.

As per FSS Regulations, displaying an FSSAI license or registration in any food premises has been mandatory. But FSSAI LICENSE NUMBER is not displayed to consumers. so, to change the overall consumer perceptibility and to strengthen food safety, FSSAI has introduced Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) for various food businesses.

Key points: Food Safety Display Board

Here are some key components commonly included on a food safety display board:

  1. Food Safety Guidelines: The board often presents a set of food safety guidelines that outline best practices for handling, preparing, and serving food. These guidelines may cover topics such as personal hygiene, cross-contamination prevention, temperature control, and proper cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  2. Handwashing Instructions: Proper handwashing is crucial in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and ensuring food safety. The display board may include step-by-step instructions on how to effectively wash hands, including the use of soap, warm water, and the recommended duration for thorough handwashing.
  3. Temperature Control: Temperature control is vital to prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses. The display board may provide information on safe food storage temperatures, highlighting the importance of refrigeration for perishable items and appropriate cooking temperatures for different types of food.
  4. Allergen Information: Many individuals have food allergies or intolerances, and it’s important for food establishments to communicate potential allergens present in their dishes. The display board may include a list of common allergens, such as nuts, gluten, dairy, and shellfish, along with a note on how customers can inquire about allergen information from the staff.
  5. Food Handling and Cross-Contamination: To prevent cross-contamination, the board may include guidelines on proper food handling techniques. This may involve separate cutting boards and utensils for raw and cooked foods, proper storage of raw ingredients, and avoiding contact between raw and ready-to-eat foods.
  6. Cleaning and Sanitation: Maintaining a clean and sanitary food preparation environment is essential. The display board may highlight the importance of regular cleaning schedules, proper cleaning techniques for equipment and surfaces, and the use of food-safe sanitizers.
  7. Reporting Food Safety Concerns: The board may provide information on how to report any food safety concerns or complaints. This can include contact details for the appropriate regulatory authorities or internal channels within the establishment itself.

Definition of Food Safety Display board

These are the informative board that primarily display food safety and hygiene practices to be followed by FBO in their establishment.

food safety and display board
food safety display board

Three Important Elements of FSDBs Are:

  1. Display of FSSAI registration/license number of the FBO, which the customer can verify at FSSAI website.
  2. Food Safety and Hygiene Requirements – Inform the consumers, the food handlers and the regulatory staff about these important requirements, thus getting 360-degree assurance on food safety.
  3. An effective consumer feedback system that provides various options to consumers for sending feedback through WhatsApp, SMS or give feedback on FSSAI App.

The FSDBs (Food Safety Display Boards) are the colour codes for different kinds of food businesses of recognition by the consumers.

Points to Consider While Displaying FSDBs

  1. Only display FSDB specific to the kind of food business.
  2. Size: A4 size for FSSAI Registered food business and A3 for FSSAI Licensed Food Business.
  3. No. of FSDs to be displayed: A minimum of one FSDB may be displayed. More than one can be displayed in case the outlet is big in size and FSDB displayed is not visible to all the consumers and food handlers from one specific place.
  4. Material of FSDB: Content of FSDB must not get blurred or damaged over time.
  5. Directions for FBOs: The FBOs may add their FSSAI/License No. on top and Company Name and Feedback Details on lower right-hand side for feedback mechanism.

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FAQs on Food Safety Display Board

Q: What is a food safety display board?

A: A food safety display board is an informational board or poster found in food establishments that provide important food safety information to staff and customers. It serves as a visual tool to promote good hygiene practices and communicate guidelines for safe food handling, preparation, and service.

Q: Why is a food safety display board important?

A: A food safety display board is important because it helps create awareness and promotes proper food safety practices. It serves as a constant reminder for staff to follow hygiene protocols and helps educate customers about the establishment’s commitment to food safety, ensuring the safety and quality of the food served.

Q: What information is typically included on a food safety display board?

A: A food safety display board may include information such as food safety guidelines, handwashing instructions, temperature control recommendations, allergen information, guidance on food handling and cross-contamination prevention, cleaning and sanitation procedures, and instructions for reporting food safety concerns.

Q: How does a food safety display board promote good hygiene practices?

A: A food safety display board promotes good hygiene practices by providing clear instructions and reminders for staff and customers. It highlights the importance of handwashing, proper temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, and maintaining cleanliness in the food preparation area. By making this information visible and accessible, the display board helps reinforce these practices and encourages compliance.

Q: Are food safety display boards required by regulations?

A: The requirement for food safety display boards varies by jurisdiction. Some local health departments or regulatory agencies may mandate the presence of food safety information in establishments, including the use of display boards. It’s important for food establishments to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations and guidelines applicable to their location to ensure compliance.

Q: How often should the information on a food safety display board be updated?

A: The information on a food safety display board should be kept up to date to ensure accuracy and relevance. Updates may be necessary when there are changes in food safety regulations, new guidelines or best practices are established, or when there are modifications in the establishment’s policies or procedures related to food safety. Regular review and updates help maintain the effectiveness of the display board as an educational tool.


A well-designed food safety display board can serve as a visual reminder and educational tool for staff, promoting a culture of food safety and hygiene. For customers, it provides transparency and reassurance that the establishment prioritizes their well-being by following proper food safety practices.

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