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FSSAI Role Function and Initiative – is the most important topic as per FSSAI Exam 2021 syllabus. in this post, I am providing “A General Understanding of FSSAI Role, Functions and Initiatives” detailed Notes and this is the Next chapter –Food Standards.

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food standards steps

Introduction of Food Standards

Food Standards are some criteria set up by experts or authorities for measuring the quantity, weight, extent, value, and quality of a substance.

Reason Behind Setting of Food Standards

  • Emergence of new additives
  • Changes in processing technology
  • Identification of new risk associated with a food or an additive because of metallic contaminants.
  • Food consumption
  • Nutritional aspect
  • Advancement in analytical methods


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Responsible authorities of Food Standards

To set up food standards, FSSAI has constituted a scientific committee and 17 (at present 19 are in total) scientific panels under the provision of the food safety and standards act.

Process of Formulation of Standards

food standards

8 Standard Review Groups

  1. Oil & Fats
  2. Milk & Milk Products
  3. Cereals and cereals products
  4. Fruits, vegetables and their products
  5. Sweets & Confectionery
  6. Meat and Fish product
  7. Beverages including Alcoholic Beverages
  8. Nutraceuticals

These eight standard review groups have representatives from different industrial associations. These representatives review the existing standards, identify gaps and propose the development of new standards considering both Indian and international scenarios.

Category of Standards

Horizontal Standards – it includes various categories of foods that contain standards about contaminants, toxins, residues, packaging, labeling, etc.

Vertical standards- it includes identity and compositional standards of specific food products which cover additives, microbiological requirements, Health supplements, nutraceuticals, food for special medical purposes, functional food, and Novel food.

Important Food Standards

  1. Contaminants, Toxins, Residues and Biological Hazards.
    • Metal contaminants
    • Insecticides/ pesticide residues
    • Antibiotic and other Pharmacologically active substance
    • Crop Contaminants
    • Naturally occurring Toxic substances
    • Microbiological contaminants
  2. Labelling, Packaging and Claims
    • Nutritional Labelling for energy, Total Fat, Trans Fat, Added Sugar and Sodium
    • Food Additives
    • Food category system

These Categories are:

food standards steps
  1. Dairy products and Analogues
  2. Fat and Oils & Fat emulsions
  3. Edible ices, including sorbet
  4. Fruits and Vegetables (including Mushrooms and Fungi, Roots and Tubers, Fresh Pulses and Legumes and Aloe Vera)
  5. Confectionery
  6. Cereals and Cereal products
  7. Bakery products
  8. Meat and Meat products including poultry.
  9. Fish and Fish Products including molluscs, Crustaceans and Echinoderms
  10. Egg and Egg Products
  11. Sweeteners including honey
  12. Salts, Spices, Soups, Sauces, Salads & Protein products
  13. Food Stuff intended for particular nutritional use
  14. Beverages excluding dairy products
  15. Ready to eat savouries
  16. Prepared foods
  17. Substances added to food which are not for direct consumption as food.

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