General Studies and General Knowledge Syllabus

General Studies and General Knowledge Syllabus | Gk Syllabus all topics | General Awareness syllabus for competitive exams | General awareness syllabus and topics for government exams | General Knowledge syllabus for SSC CGL Exam | complete general studies, general knowledge and general awareness syllabus for ssc exam | Gk syllabus for UPSC CDS exam | GK syllabus for government exams

In India’s most competitive exams, General Studies and General Knowledge is an important section. No matter whether it is either the Civil Service Exams of Union or State or SSC CGL or CHSL exam or any other competitive exam, if a student is best in this section, he has precisely able to get maximum marks in the paper. But most of the students fail to achieve good scores in competitive exams because of its huge syllabus and jumbled topics. In this post, we are providing the most authentic General Studies and General Knowledge Syllabus and Topics that are the core of most of the GS and GK Sections of any competitive exam.

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General Studies and General Knowledge Syllabus
for Competitive Exams

In most of the competitive and government exams, the syllabus of general studies and general knowledge or general awareness is the same and divided into different subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Science, Computer, General Knowledge, Static GK, Current Affairs and others (if examination conducting body notified). For the suitability of students, we have divided the complete general awareness syllabus into different categories as per the subjects. It is suggestive to students that please look into the notification of your exam, which section has been asked and which one has left and prepare accordingly.

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Indian History Syllabus

Under General Studies and General Knowledge Syllabus, Indian History is divided into ancient Indian history, medieval history and modern history or the Indian freedom movement. Important topics under different sections of Indian History are as follows:

Ancient Indian History Syllabus

  1. Historical Sources
  2. Prehistoric Period
  3. Harappan Civilization
  4. Early Vedic Period
  5. Later Vedic Period
  6. Mahajanpadas
  7. Religious Ancient Movements
  8. Maurya Period
  9. Post-Mauryan Period or Pre-Gupta Period
  10. the Sangam Period
  11. Gupta Period
  12. Vardhana Dynasty
  13. Post-Gupta Period

Medieval Indian History Syllabus

  1. Early Medieval Period
  2. Rajputana
  3. Cholas and others
  4. Sultanate period
  5. The Delhi Sultanate
  6. Vijayanagar and other Kingdoms
  7. Bhakti and Mufi Movements
  8. Mughal period
  9. Maratha state and Maratha Confederacy
  10. the advent of Europeans

Modern India Syllabus | Syllabus of Indian National Movement | Topics under Indian Freedom Struggle

  1. Expansion of British Power
  2. Economic Impact of British Rule
  3. Socio-religious movements in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  4. Caste, Tribal, Peasant and Trade Union Movements
  5. Revolt of 1857
  6. Moderate phase
  7. Extremist Phase
  8. The Gandhian Era
  9. Indian National Congress – Meetings and presidents
  10. Important Governor generals and viceroys
  11. all chronologies of Indian History

World History Syllabus

  1. History of Asia
  2. History of Europe
  3. History of America
  4. History of Africa and Australia
  5. World war 1 and 2

Indian Polity Syllabus

  1. Constitutional Development of India
  2. Constituent Assembly
  3. salient features of the constitution
  4. sources of the constitution
  5. the preamble
  6. parts, articles and schedules of the constitution
  7. Union and the territory
  8. Citizenship
  9. fundamental rights
  10. Directive principles of state policy
  11. Fundamental Duties
  12. the Union executive
  13. President and Vice-president
  14. the prime minister
  15. Union council of minister
  16. the attorney general, comptroller and auditor general of India
  17. the union legislature – Parliament
  18. Rajya Sabha (Council of states)
  19. Lok Sabha (house of the people)
  20. officers of parliament: Speaker and chairman of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  21. parliamentary proceedings – Sessions and Sittings
  22. Parliamentary Committees
  23. The Union Judiciary – Supreme Court
  24. The state executive – governor
  25. the chief minister and council of ministers
  26. the advocate general
  27. the state legislature – Vidhan Parishad
  28. Vidhan Sabha – The legislative assembly
  29. Speaker of Vidhan Sabha and Chairman of Vidhan Parishad
  30. The state judiciary High court
  31. Special provisions relating to Jammu and Kashmir
  32. Local government – Municipality and Panchayati Raj
  33. Centre-State Relation
  34. Public Service Commission
  35. Election Commission
  36. Election Commission
  37. official language
  38. emergency provisions
  39. constitutional Amendments
  40. order of precedence
  41. National Insignia or National Symbols

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Indian Economy Syllabus

  1. Nature of the Indian Economy
  2. National Income in India
  3. Planning in India
  4. Population of India
  5. National Resources of India
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Social Sectors
  8. Agriculture
  9. Industry
  10. Money and Banking
  11. Public Finance
  12. Foreign Trade
  13. International Organisations
  14. Micro Economics
  15. Tax structure in India
  16. Poverty and Unemployment
  17. Indian Financial system
  18. Indian Money market
  19. Indian Capital Market
  20. Utility and Marginal Utility
  21. Demand and Supply
  22. Elasticity of Demand
  23. Types of Market
  24. Inflation and Recession

Geography Syllabus

Physical geography Syllabus

  1. Our Universe
  2. Interior of Earth
  3. Longitude and Latitude
  4. Period, Epoch and Era
  5. Earthquake and Volcano
  6. Mountain, Plateau, Deserts and Rocks
  7. Weathering and Erosion
  8. World Landforms
  9. Rivers, Lakes and Falls
  10. Reliefs and ocean current
  11. Salinity
  12. Ocean Tides
  13. Ocean Deposits
  14. Continent and Continental Shelf
  15. Seas and Ocean
  16. Coral Reefs
  17. Islands and Lakes
  18. Straits, canals and Passes
  19. Atmospheric composition
  20. Temperature and Humidity
  21. Albedo and Air mass
  22. Cloud
  23. El Nino, La Nina and Southern Oscillation
  24. Air Pressure
  25. Winds
  26. Cyclone and Anti Cyclone
  27. Climate and Weather
  28. Precipitation
  29. Natural Vegetation
  30. World grass
  31. Soil
  32. Desert
  33. Mineral Resources
  34. Energy resources
  35. Agriculture
  36. Industries
  37. Tribes and population
  38. Transportation

Indian Geography Syllabus

  1. Physical features of India
  2. Passes of India
  3. Rivers and lakes of India
  4. Soils of India
  5. Vegetation of India
  6. Indian Climate
  7. Minerals in India
  8. Energy sources in India
  9. Agriculture of India
  10. Irrigation in India
  11. Industry in India
  12. Indian Population
  13. Transport System in India

Chemistry Syllabus for competitive exams

  1. Matter
  2. Structure of Atom
  3. Physical change and chemical change
  4. Chemical equations
  5. Acids, Bases and Salts
  6. Metals and Non-Metals
  7. Carbon and its compound
  8. Chemistry in everyday life
  9. Periodic Table
  10. radioActivitiy
  11. Chemical Bonding
  12. Oxidation and Reduction
  13. Properties of gases
  14. Catalysis
  15. Thermodynamics
  16. Solution
  17. Electrolytes and Electrochemistry
  18. Surface Chemistry
  19. Metals and their compounds
  20. Non-Metals and their compounds
  21. Biomolecules

Physics Syllabus of competitive exams

  1. Electric Current
  2. Magnet
  3. Motion
  4. Gravitation
  5. Work, Energy and Power
  6. Sound
  7. Heat and Thermodynamics
  8. Light
  9. Mirrors and lenses
  10. the human Eye
  11. Chromatography
  12. Modern Physics
  13. Electronic devices and communication system

Computer Syllabus for Competitive Exams

  1. General Introduction of computer
  2. Development and Generation of Computer
  3. Input and Output devices
  4. memories
  5. Personal computer
  6. Design tools and programming languages
  7. Data representation and Number system
  8. Software
  9. Data Communication
  10. Internet
  11. Windows and Operating System
  12. M.S. Office

Biology syllabus for Competitive Exams

  1. Cell
  2. Biomolecules
  3. Animal Tissues
  4. Plant Tissues
  5. Human Digestive System
  6. Respiration
  7. Endocrine glands and Harmones
  8. Neural Control and Coordination
  9. Skeletal System
  10. Nucleic Acids (DNA & RNA)
  11. Biotechnology
  12. Cell Cycle and Cell division
  13. Heredity
  14. Microbes and Microorganisms
  15. Immune system in the body
  16. AIDS, Cancer, Acute and Chronic diseases
  17. Blood
  18. Circulatory system
  19. Excretory System
  20. Origin of life and Evolution
  21. Classification of Animal kingdom
  22. Scientific Names
  23. Plant Parts and their functions
  24. Reproduction
  25. ecology, environment and pollution

Static GK syllabus for competitive exams

  1. temples of India
  2. International Boundries
  3. Highest, longest, greatest, largest, smallest of India
  4. Highest, longest, greatest, largest, smallest of World
  5. Important Days and Dates
  6. Intelligence agencies of the world
  7. International Airlines
  8. Parliaments of some countries
  9. Important monuments in the world and their places
  10. National symbols of states and uts
  11. National symbols of important countries
  12. List of first in India
  13. List of first in world
  14. List of first female in India
  15. List of first in India
  16. world organisation and their head quarters
  17. Important days and dates
  18. Books and Authors
  19. Important festivals of India
  20. Indian Architecture Style
  21. Important Musical instruments and their exponents
  22. Indian classical dances and artists
  23. Languages in india
  24. Literature in India
  25. Indian classical Music
  26. Religions in India

Current Affairs syllabus for Competitive exams

  1. National issues
  2. International issues
  3. appointments
  4. books and authors
  5. Government schemes and plans
  6. Awards and Honours
  7. Military Exercises
  8. Conference and Meetings
  9. Sports and Games
  10. Ranking and Order

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what is the GK syllabus for competitive exams?

Under the GK section of many competitive exams, General studies subjects – History, Geography, Polity, Economics; General Science subjects – Physics, chemistry, biology, computer, environment and ecology; General Knowledge static gk topics and Current Affairs are asked.

How can anyone best prepare for General Studies and general knowledge for government exams?

there are many ways to prepare best for general studies and general knowledge. First of all, you must know the entire syllabus of GS and GK according to your competitive exams then go through these topics and prepare well.

How can I score full in GK and GS in SSC all exams?

The one-to-one way to score full in GK and GS in SSC all exams is –
1. You must have to know the entire GK and GS syllabus.
2. start to cover all those subjects and topics mentioned in your General awareness syllabus. You can prepare with Nishant eAcademy App
3. You can use some good sources like books, youtube videos and other valuable sources to save time while preparing.
4. once you finished the syllabus, then start practising the Previous year questions and attempting tests.
5. gradually you feel that you are improving in this subject and then there will be a day, you feel that you can possibly score full in GK and GS.

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