GRE EXAM 2023: Latest Changes and Winning Strategies

Here we are covering the GRE Exam. Its exam pattern, syllabus, important books, strategy and other details.

GRE Exam details

GRE Exam 2023

The GRE Exam, i.e., the Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized entrance test for admissions into graduate and business school programs in the United States and many other countries worldwide. This GRE Exam is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

ETS, i.e., Educational Testing Service, is available in the United States. The ETS is a nonprofit organization that plays a vital role in developing and administering standardized tests like the GRE Exam, TOEFL Exam and many other assessments used worldwide for educational and admissions purposes.

GRE Exam pattern, syllabus and best books

GRE Exam Pattern

The GRE Exam is a Computer-adaptive test, which means that the difficulty of the questions you are asked depends on how well you answer the previous questions.

The Whole examination is divided into two parts: the Unscored Section and the Scored Section.

Unscored Section:

The Unscored Section has 20 questions. The total time for the Unscored section is 35 minutes. This section is a valuable part of the GRE General test. It can help you get used to the format of the test and the types of questions that are asked. However, It is important to remember that the unscored section is not scored, so, it is suggested to a student not to put too much emphasis on your performance on this section.

Scored Section:

As the name suggests, this section is scoring and the marks you gain will calculate your score in the GRE General Test. This Section is further divided into three sections: Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

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Analytical Writing:

In the GRE General Test, the analytical writing has 1 section having 2 tasks. Each task has 30 minutes to complete. The first task is the issue task and the second task is the Argument task.

The issue task has 1 essay to write. Students have to analyse the issue and state & develop their own opinion on the issue and support their opinion with reasons and examples.

In the Argument task, students are given a passage with arguments where students have to analyse the argument assess its strengths and write an essay.

Quantitative Reasoning

This Part has two further sections. 20 questions in each section and there are 35 minutes allotted for each section in GRE Quantitative Reasoning.

This Section measures your ability to reason with numbers and solve quantitative problems. You will be asked to solve math problems, interpret graphs and tables and make inferences based on data.

Verbal Reasoning

This Section measures your ability to understand and reason with written language. You will be asked to read passages and answer questions about their content, as well as to complete analogies and other verbal reasoning tasks.

This part has further 2 sections, 20 questions in each section and 30 minutes will be given for each section.

GRE Exam details: Overview

Name of ExamGRE Exam
(Graduate Record Examination)
Exam conducting bodyEducational Testing Service
Mode of examinationComputer-adaptive test
Total Duration3 hrs 45 minutes
Total Marks340
Total No of questions2 essays
80 questions
20 questions
Sections under GRE TestAnalytical writing
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Unscored Section
No of Questions per section
Analytical writing
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Unscored Section

Section Duration
Analytical writing
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Unscored Section

60 minutes
70 minutes
60 minutes
35 minutes
10 minutes
Negative markingNo negative Marking
GRE Exam details: Overview

GRE Exam Syllabus:

The paraphrased version of the topics covered in the GRE General Test:

Analytical Writing:

1. Issue Task: You will encounter a prompt expressing an opinion on a particular matter. Your task is to compose an essay where you articulate your own standpoint on the issue and provide support for your position with reasoning and examples.

2. Argument Task: You will be provided with a passage that presents an argument. Your responsibility is to craft an essay in which you scrutinize the argument’s merits and assess its strength.

Quantitative Reasoning:

3. Problem Solving: You will face problems that necessitate the application of fundamental mathematical concepts and skills.

4. Data Interpretation: Data presented in tables, graphs, and charts will be given to you. You will be required to decipher the data and respond to questions related to it.

5. Algebra: Your knowledge of essential algebraic concepts, including equations, inequalities, and functions, will be assessed.

6. Geometry: You will be evaluated on your grasp of basic geometry principles such as lines, angles, and geometric shapes.

7. Statistics: Your comprehension of elementary statistics concepts such as mean, median, and standard deviation will be tested.

Verbal Reasoning:

8. Reading Comprehension: You will be presented with written passages and tasked with answering questions related to the main idea of the text, the author’s intent, and the supporting details.

9. Text Completion: You will encounter sentences or passages with one or more missing words. Your objective is to select the most appropriate words to complete the sentence or passage.

10. Sentence Equivalence: You will be given two sentences and asked to identify the sentence that conveys the same meaning as the first one.

Important Books for GRE Exams

Analytical WritingManhattan Prep’s Guide to GMAT VerbalAmazon Link to Buy
GRE General TestPublished by ETSAmazon Link to Buy
Quantitative ReasoningManhattan PrepAmazon Link to Buy
Verbal ReasoningManhattan PrepAmazon link to Buy

GRE Exam Preparation: Tips

here are some original GRE exam preparation tips:

  1. Start Your Preparation Early: Commence your GRE General Test preparations well in advance. This allows ample time to grasp the content and practice adequately.
  2. Develop a Study Plan: Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of the material, craft a comprehensive study plan. This plan ensures you cover all the necessary topics and keeps you organized.
  3. Regular Practice: Consistent practice is crucial for improving your GRE score. It familiarizes you with the test format and various question types.
  4. Utilize Practice Tests: Employing practice tests is a valuable tool. They help you assess your progress and identify areas that require improvement.
  5. Seek Constructive Feedback: After completing practice tests, seek feedback on your essays and responses. This feedback aids in refining your writing and reasoning skills.
  6. Master Time Management: Given that the GRE General Test is timed, effective time management is vital. Practice answering questions under timed conditions to adapt to the time constraints.
  7. Maintain a Positive Outlook: Despite the inherent stress of the GRE, it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. Believe in your preparation and your ability to succeed.

Additional Tips:

  1. Study Buddy: Consider studying with a friend or classmate to boost motivation and accountability.
  2. Enroll in a GRE Prep Course: Joining a GRE prep course can provide structured guidance and support to enhance your chances of success.
  3. Leverage Online Resources: A wealth of online resources, including practice questions, study guides, and video tutorials, is available to assist in your GRE preparation.

Wishing you the best of luck with your GRE General Test preparations!

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Benefits of GRE Test

The main benefit of the GRE test is that you will get scholarships and fellowships that will help you financially, to study in USA top colleges and schools.


when GRE Exam Notification come out?

the GRE General Test is offered year-round, and the registration period is usually open 6 months in advance. You can find the most up-to-date information on the ETS Website.

How can Indian Students apply for the GRE Exam?

Indian students can apply for the GRE General Test through the ETS website. The registration process is the same for all students all over the world, regardless of their nationality.

What are the total marks in the GRE Exam?

The total marks in GRE Exam is 340.

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