Best History Notes and Syllabus [Free PDF] for India’s Top Government Exams

History notes for competitive exams | Free best History Notes for UPSC CSE (prelims), State PCS, EPFO, APFC, CDS, NDA | History notes for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, GD, Stenographer | Topic-wise History Notes | History syllabus | Notes on Indian Freedom struggle | Notes of Modern India

Best History Notes and Study Materials of Ancient India | Syllabus of Ancient Indian History

IntroductionHistorical sourcesPre-historic period
Indus valley civilizationVedic Literature (Shruti)Literature of Vedic tradition (Smriti)
Early and Later Vedic PeriodMahajanpadasBuddhism and Buddhist Text
Jainism and Jainism TextPost-Maurya periodGupta Period
Vardhana DynastyThe states of Deccan and South IndiaAncient Art and Culture
Ancient India Syllabus and Notes

Best History Notes and Study Materials of Medieval India | Syllabus of Medieval India

Early Medieval PeriodCholas and OthersDelhi Sultanate
Vijaynagar KingdomBhakti MovementSufi Movement
Mughal PeriodLater Mughals and Decline of Mughal KingdomMughals’ Literature, Architecture and Others
Marathasthe advent of Europeans
Medieval India Syllabus and Notes

Best Hisotory Notes and Study Materials of Modern India | Syllabus of Modern India

Battle of plasseyBattle of BuxarDual Government in Bengal
Robert clive administration and reformsReforms introduced by warren hastingsRohilla war
Anglo Maratha warsTreaty of SalbaiReforms of Lord cornwallis
Permanent Settlement in BengalLord wellesley Policies towards Indian StatesSubsidiary Alliance of Wellesley
Anglo Mysore WarAnnexation of SindhRise of Ranjit Singh
Anglo Sikh WarDoctrine of LapseFirst war of Independence
Government of India ActsIndian council ActsIndian National Movement
Indian National CongressThe Gandhian EraImportant Events and Movements
Quit India Movement
Modern India Syllabus and Notes

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Modern History of India Best Notes

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