Best Indian History Notes Topics and Syllabus for Competitive Exams

Best Indian History Notes | Indian History Syllabus | Indian History important topics | Indian history notes pdf | important topics of Indian History for competitive exams | History syllabus | Indian History syllabus and important topics for government exams

Indian History Notes Topics and Syllabus for Competitive Exams
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Best Indian History Notes (study material) pdf and To-the-point History Syllabus for all competitive exams for UPSC CSE (prelims), State PCS, EPFO, APFC, CDS, NDA – Easy and exam-oriented Indian History Topic-wise free notes, study materials pdf for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, GD, Stenographer and all other government exams

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Indian History Notes Topics and Syllabus

In this post, we are providing the Indian History syllabus and important topics for different competitive exams UPSC, WBCS, UPSC Prelims, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, UPSC CDS, NDA and other competitive exams. Students can download the History syllabus and important topics pdf free of cost at the end of the post.

Syllabus of Indian History | Indian History Syllabus

The history syllabus for any competitive exam can be divided into 4 Sections. These are:

  • Ancient Indian History
  • Medieval Indian History
  • Modern Indian History (Indian Freedom Struggle)
  • World History (Ask only in a few competitive exams)

Ancient Indian History Syllabus, important Topics and Notes

Indian Ancient History Syllabus and important topics are:

Indian History TimelineHistorical sourcesPre-historic period
Indus valley civilizationVedic Literature (Shruti)Literature of Vedic tradition (Smriti)
Early and Later Vedic PeriodMahajanpadasBuddhism and Buddhist Text
Mauryan DynastyPost-Maurya periodGupta Period
Vardhana DynastySouth Indian DynastiesAncient Art and Culture
Ancient India Syllabus important topics and Notes

Medieval Indian History Syllabus, important Topics and Notes

Indian Medieval History Syllabus and important topics are:

Early Medieval PeriodCholas and OthersDelhi Sultanate
Vijaynagar KingdomBhakti MovementSufi Movement
Mughal RulersSuri DynastyLater Mughals
Mughal Literature & ArchitectureMarathasthe advent of Europeans
Medieval India Syllabus, important topics and Notes

Modern Indian History Notes Syllabus and Important Topics

Battle of PlasseyBattle of BuxarDual Government in Bengal
Lord Wellesley’s Policies towards Indian StatesReforms introduced by warren hastingsRohilla war
Anglo-Maratha WarTreaty of SalbaiReforms of Lord Cornwallis
First Anglo-Maratha warSecond Anglo-Maratha warsThird Anglo-Maratha wars
Permanent Settlement in BengalLord Wellesley Policies towards Indian StatesSubsidiary Alliance of Wellesley
Anglo Mysore WarAnnexation of SindhRise of Ranjit Singh
Reforms of Lord BentinckHome Rule MovementLucknow pact 1916
First Anglo-Sikh WarSecond Anglo-Sikh WarDoctrine of Lapse
Robert CliveLord CornwallisLord Wallesley
Lord William BentinckLord Wellesley
Government of India ActsIndian council Acts1857 revolt
Partition of Bengal 1905Indian National MovementIndian National Congress
Rowlatt ActNon-Cooperation MovementSwaraj Party
Moplah Rebellion 1921Vaikom SatyagrahaBardoli Satyagraha
The Gandhian EraSimon CommissionNehru Report
Jinnah’s fourteen PointsCivil DisobedienceRound Table conference
Poona PactCripps Mission 1942Quit India Movement
chronology and Dates
Modern India Syllabus and Notes

World History Notes, topics and Study Materials

World History notes and important topics for UPSC, SSC and other Indian government exams are:

History of AsiaHistory of Europe
History of AmericaHistory of Africa & Australia
World Wars – I & IIMiscellaneous (Update soon)
World History Important Topics
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Indian History Syllabus and important topics PDF download

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FAQs on History Syllabus and Important Topics

How to cover history for the SSC CGL exam?

In the SSC CGL exam, asked History topics are-
1. Ancient India
2. Medieval India
3. Modern India
4. World History

There are many books in the market, but the best way to prepare for History is to make a complete list of all the topics under the History syllabus and then finish them first. The next stage is practice so, practice all previously asked questions. The best book for this is Kiran Chapterwise GS.

How to study History for competitive exams?

The first step is to know the important topics under the History syllabus for any competitive exam then check good books and courses that cover these topics. If you are self-preparing for a competitive exam, check youtube videos for these history topics and make your own notes. reading and learning important facts is the next step. once you have done with this step, start practising the previous year’s asked questions. Always remember, practice is the key.

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