Best 300 Most Important Idioms and Phrases for Government Exams

Important idioms and phrases for government exams | important idioms and phrases for competitive exams | famous idioms and phrases | 300 plus best idioms for SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, LDC, UDC, JD, UPSC, CDS, NDA, EPFO, APFC, FSSAI, ASRB, ICAR, Banking, RBI, RRB, UGC-NET, CTET, English papers | idioms from previous year papers

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best 300 important idioms and phrases
These idioms are a collection of all previous year questions asked in different government exams like UPSC CDS, NDA, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, UPSC EPFO, APFC, CSE, BANKING, and others. we are doing our best to provide you 100% exam relevant content. please disable your adblocker if you are using. Click on any ads to give us a thank note. comment below if you want to add anything else.

300 Important Idioms and Phrases Part 1

  1. Bad patches- professional difficulties
  2. Stake on thin ice- to take risk deliberately
  3. Shades of gray- not clear if right or wrong
  4. Line in the sand a limit or boundary on something
  5. Stiff upper lip- to be brave in difficult time
  6. Keep your nose clean- to stay away from unnecessary fights
  7. Walk on the eggshell- to take action not to offend anyone/work with great attention or care
  8. Bun in the oven- to be pregnant or to be expecting a baby
  9. Whoop it up- enjoy in a noisy way usually in a group
  10. With a vengeance- used to emphasize the degree to which something occurs
  11. Reap the whirlwind- to suffer the negative consequences of one’s action
  12. Of the first water- of the best quality
  13. Weather the storm- survive in a difficult situation or period without being seriously harmed by it
  14. Wear the green willow- grief or unrequited love
  15. Wild and wooly- uncouth in appearance or behavior
  16. Give it a whirl- to try out something
  17. As hard as nails – unrelenting (Having or exhibiting uncompromising determination)
  18. At loose ends- in an uncertain situation
  19. Take up the hatchet- prepare for or go to war
  20. Batten down the hatches- prepare for a challenging or difficult situation
  21. Over egg the pudding – add unnecessary details to make something seem better or worse
  22. From stem to stern – all the way from the front of a ship to the back
  23. Do a runner- to leave a place in hurry
  24. Pull a fast one – play a trick
  25. Held up- delay
  26. As daft as a brush- extremely silly
  27. At sea – at a loss/ total confused
  28. Turn down- reject
  29. But in – interrupt
  30. A house of cards- an insecure scheme
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