Indian Military Exercises 2022

In this post, we are providing students with a list of Indian Military Exercises (2022) Names and Participating countries. As per Wikipedia, A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for military operations, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without actual combat. This also serves the purpose of ensuring the combat readiness of garrisoned or deployable forces prior to deployment from a home base.

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Military Exercises

The Indian military exercises are classified into the following types:

  • Domestic exercises
  • Bilateral exercises
  • Multilateral exercises

Domestic Exercises

These exercises aim to improve internal engagements and there can be inter-services or intra-services depending on nature and their application.

List of Domestic Military Exercises

Gandiv Vijay, Paschim Lehar, Vayu Shakti, Vijay Prahar

Bilateral Exercises

These exercises are conducted between two countries.

The following table provides you with a list of important Indian bilateral army exercises.

Exercise NameParticipant Nations
CORPATIndia & Thailand
Dharma GuardianIndia & Japan
Garuda ShaktiIndia & Indonesia
Hand-in-Hand ExerciseIndia & China
Maitree ExerciseIndia & Thailand
Mitra ShaktiIndia & Sri Lanka
Nomadic ElephantIndia & Mongolia
SampritiIndia & Bangladesh
SIMBEXIndia & Singapore
Shakti ExerciseIndia & France
Surya KiranIndia & Nepal
Vajra PraharIndia & the US
Yudh AbhyasIndia & the US

Multilateral Exercises

These exercises are conducted by the military including more than one partner nation.

List of major multilateral exercises conducted by the military are given below

Multilateral ExerciseNo of Participating Countries
COBRA-GOLDAsia – Pacific countries
MALABAR4 (Australia, India, Japan, the US)
SamvednaSouth Asian Region Nations

Latest Military Exercises

The latest editions of all the important military exercises of India with other nations are mentioned in the next page.

Exercise nameCountry participated with IndiaLatest Date/ Year/ EditionHeld at
Al Nagah-IIIOman• 12th March 2019
• 3rd Edition
Jabal AL Akhdar training camp, Oman
Bold KurukshetraSingapore• 9th April 2019
• 12th Edition
Babina Military Station in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh
EkuverinMaldives• 7th October 2019
• 10th Edition
Pune, Maharashtra
Garuda Shakti IVIndonesia• 19th February 2018
• 6th Edition
Bandung, Indonesia
Hand in HandChina• 7th December 2019
• 8th Edition
Umroi, Meghalaya
IndraRussia• 4th September 2020
• 11th Edition
Andaman Sea
Khanjar VKyrgyzstan• April 2021
• 5th Edition
LamityeSeychelles• 2018
• 8th Edition
Mahe Island in Seychelles
MaitreeThailand• 16th September 2019
• 14th Edition
Umroi, Meghalaya
Mitra Shakti-VIIISri Lanka• 4th October 2021
• 8th Edition
Ampara, Sri Lanka
Multi-national Field Training Exercise(FTX)/ Exercise Force 1818 ASEAN Plus countries• 2nd March 2016Pune, India
Nomadic ElephantMongolia• 5th October 2019
• 14th Edition
Bakloh Cantonment, Himachal Pradesh
Prabal DostykKazakhstan• 2nd November 2017
• Second Edition
Himachal Pradesh
Sampriti-IXBangladesh• 3rd February 2020
• 9th Edition
Umroi, Meghalaya
Surya Kiran XVNepal• 21st September 2021
• 15th Edition
Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
Yudh AbhyasUnited States• 8th February 2021
• 16th Edition

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