India’s poor ranking in the Environmental Performance Index

India’s failure to check air pollution has made India the fourth worst country in the world in terms of curbing environmental pollution. according to the ‘world economic forum’, India’s rank is 177 among a total of 180 countries on the environmental performance index 2018. In the previous year, air pollution was declared as an emergency in Delhi in November. The concentration of the most harmful air pollutants in the environment had reached the maximum and made it difficult for the locals to breathe the natural air. The smog all over the city from power plants, vehicle exhaust and seasonal fires burning agricultural waste was intensely dense and continued to prevail there for a period of more than a fortnight.

Not only Delhi but there are other metropolitan cities of the country where the status of the environmental vulnerability is more or less than the same, the main causes of it being agricultural waste burning, traffic, power plants, chemical emissions from industries and heating. This environmental vulnerability not only poses the world’s worst environmental health risk but is also becoming one of the major factors leading to a huge number of deaths every year.

There is a dire need to make national sustainability efforts in several fields, improving the air quality, putting a ban on haystack or agricultural waste burning, reducing the harmful emissions from different sources and hence protecting the biodiversity.

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