Best Ishan uday Special scholarship scheme 2024-2025 for North Eastern Region

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Best Ishan uday Special scholarship scheme 2024-2025 for North Eastern Region

University Grants Commission provides Special scholarship scheme for north eastern region. Ten thousand (10000) Scholarships, at the rate of Rs.8,000/- per month for 10 months in a year, are available for students belonging to economical weaker section of North Eastern Region. The funds are disbursed through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system, and interested applicants can apply for the scholarship through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) at

50% of slots under each category are earmarked for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Management and other 50% are earmarked for Science, Engineering & Technology, medical, technical, agriculture, forestry programmes. The selection under the schemes is done purely on the basis of State-wise merit from among the candidates who have applied for the scholarship under the scheme, through online mode only, on the designated portal, i.e., National Scholarship Portal of Government of India.

Eligibility for Ishan uday scholarship 2024-2025

Here is the list of some eligibility conditions for Ishan uday scholarship:

  • The Ishan uday scholarship is open to those students who have passed Class XII or equivalent examination from a school situated within NER through a recognized Board of Education including Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
  • The Ishan uday scholarship is available for those students only, who are pursuing a recognized UG degree programmes as specified and notified by UGC from time to time.
  • Only the students, who are already admitted in the first year of UG degree programme in an eligible university/college/institution within India, are eligible to apply.
  • The Ishan uday scholarship is available to the students for first UG Degree only.
  • The Ishan uday scholarship will be given for the duration of study of UG programme as specified by UGC for each programme, from the start of class in the first year/semester.
  • In case of ‘integrated’ and ‘dual degree’ programmes, the scholarship will be payable for the UG component only.
  • The Ishan uday scholarship is available for students who are admitted in UG degree programme through ‘Regular/Full Time’ mode only. The students, who are pursuing any UG programme through open/ distance/ correspondence/ private/ part-time mode, are not eligible to apply.
  • Students gaining admission through ‘Management Quota’ are not eligible to apply.
  • The income of the parents of the student should be below Rs. 450000 per year.
  • Student should have a valid Domicile Certificate of any State of NER.
  • A student is eligible to receive only one scholarship at a time.

Procedure for applying Ishan uday scholarship 2024-2025

  • Applications will be invited once in a year on the National e-Scholarship Portal of the Government of India. Short notification will also be uploaded on the UGC website.
  • Incomplete applications will be summarily rejected. Only verified online applications will be considered for award of Ishan uday scholarship.
  • Students are not required to upload any certificate/affidavit on NSP while submitting their online applications. However, as per requirement of scheme they have to submit necessary documents to their institutions to enable them to verify their online applications. Even if a student is selected for scholarship, the payment of scholarship may not be generated due to mis- match of name of student, bank account number, IFSC code etc.
  • Students are advised to fill the online application on NSP very carefully. The application may be rejected or payment may be stopped due to the wrong information in the online application No correspondence will be entertained in this regard after the application is verified by their institution.
  • The institutions are also advised to check whether the student has given correct information in their online application.
  • The Institution shall verify the eligibility of its students on the basis of documents submitted by students. The Institution may ask for Certificates, Affidavits from students to ensure the eligibility and verify the information given by the students in their online application. These include Domicile Certificate/Permanent Resident Certificate and Income Certificate issued by the competent authorities and Affidavits etc.
  • The institution shall retain all documents of its students for record purpose during the period of scholarship plus two years after the end of scholarship. UGC reserves the right to call for the documents of any student, any time.
  • After verifying the eligibility of its students for scholarship under the scheme, the institution shall verify the online application on NSP within the stipulated time. While verifying the online application, the institutions shall upload a scanned copy of certificate on the Portal. A format of the Certificate for verifying ‘Fresh’ applications is attached below. Original copy of Certificate shall be retained by institution with other record of student.

Renewals of Ishan uday scholarship 2024-2025

  • Ishan uday Scholarship granted under the scheme will be kept renewed during the period of first degree course, subject to good conduct and maintenance of prescribed attendance.
  • The scholarship will be renewed for the next year of study on successful completion of first year of study. The scholarship will be renewed each year for subsequent years of study.
  • During the next year of study, students are required to apply for ‘Renewal’ of their scholarship on the National e-Scholarship Portal of the Government of India. Short notification will also be uploaded on the UGC website.
  • Students failing to get promoted to the next class/ level would forfeit the scholarship.
  • Change in ‘course of study’ and ‘institution’ is not permitted. If the student changes the course of study or change the institution, the scholarship will stand forfeited from the date of such a change.
  • Normally the NSP is opened for ‘Fresh’ and ‘Renewal’ applications, at the same time. Only those applications are accepted, which are verified by the Institutions within the given time frame. Therefore, institutions are advised to verify the ‘Renewal’ applications of its students on NSP along with fresh applications. For verifying ‘Renewal’ applications, the institutions are required to upload a scanned copy of Certificate on NSP. A format of Certificate for ‘Renewal’ applications is attached below.

Procedure for disbursement of Ishan uday scholarship 2024-2025

Scholarship to the identified students (as certified, verified by the institutions under this scheme) will be disbursed by UGC through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) Mode and will be transferred to the Bank account of student. This procedure will be completed through PFMS.


The Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme for the North Eastern Region, provided by the University Grants Commission, aims to support economically weaker students pursuing UG degree programs in various fields. The eligibility criteria, application process, and renewal procedures emphasize the importance of accurate information and timely verification by both students and institutions. The scholarship, disbursed through Direct Benefit Transfer, plays a crucial role in promoting education and equal opportunities in the North Eastern Region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Who is eligible for the Ishan Uday scholarship?

Students who have passed Class XII from a school in the North Eastern Region and are pursuing specified UG degree programs in recognized institutions within India.

2. Can a student pursuing an open/distance program apply for the scholarship?

No, the scholarship is available only for students pursuing UG degree programs through the ‘Regular/Full Time’ mode.

3. What is the income criterion for eligibility?

The parents’ income should be below Rs. 4,50,000 per year.

4. How is the scholarship disbursed?

The scholarship is disbursed through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode, transferred to the bank account of the eligible student via PFMS.

5. Can a student change their course of study or institution and still retain the scholarship?

No, changing the course of study or institution results in forfeiture of the scholarship from the date of such a change.

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