Updated LIC AAO Job Profile, Salary, and Promotion 2023-24

In this post, we are covering the updated Lic aao job profile, salary, promotion, and growth which will motivate candidates to clear Life Insurance Corporation of India-Assistant Administrative Officer level examination in the upcoming exam and many more.

LIC AAO Job Profile

LIC AAO Job Profile and Salary

Life Insurance Corporation of India is India’s largest state-owned life insurance company. It provides life insurance coverage, investment, and savings products to individuals, ensuring financial protection and security for policyholders and their families.

A job profile, also known as a job description, provides a detailed overview of a specific job position. It includes the role’s responsibilities, required qualifications, and expectations. They outline the job title, summary, responsibilities, qualifications, working conditions, and career development opportunities.

Salary is a fixed monetary compensation paid to employees in exchange for their work or services. It is generally determined by factors such as job role, experience, qualifications, and industry standards.

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LIC AAO Job Profile

The job profile of a LIC AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer) involves various responsibilities related to administrative and managerial tasks in the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). AAOs are responsible for assisting in the smooth functioning of different departments within LIC. Here is Lic work profile is given below:

  1. Making new plans: The work profile of a LIC AAO involves making new plans. AAOs are responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans and policies for the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). They analyze market trends, assess customer needs, and identify areas for growth and improvement. They conduct research and feasibility studies to evaluate the viability of new plans and initiatives. AAOs also monitor the performance of existing plans, track key metrics, and make necessary adjustments to optimize outcomes.
  2. Completing tasks on time: Completing tasks on time is an essential aspect of the job profile of a LIC AAO. AAOs are responsible for managing and prioritizing multiple tasks and assignments within specified deadlines. AAOs coordinate with different departments, stakeholders, and external parties to gather necessary information and resolve any issues that may arise. They maintain meticulous records, track progress, and follow up on pending tasks to ensure timely completion. By efficiently managing their workload and meeting deadlines, AAOs contribute to the smooth functioning and operational efficiency of LIC.
  3. Coordinating with other departments concerned: A LIC AAO works by effectively coordinating with other departments concerned within the organization. They collaborate with various departments, such as underwriting, claims, finance, and marketing, to gather and exchange information, address customer needs, and resolve issues. They facilitate the flow of information, track progress, and provide updates to relevant stakeholders. By fostering collaboration and maintaining effective communication, AAOs contribute to the overall efficiency and success of LIC’s operations.
  4. Supervising and filing claims: Supervising and filing claims is a key aspect of the job profile of a LIC AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer). AAOs oversee the claims process, ensuring compliance with established guidelines and procedures. They review and assess claim applications, verifying the accuracy of submitted documents and information. AAOs maintain organized and updated claim records, ensuring proper filing and documentation. By effectively managing the claims process, AAOs contribute to customer satisfaction and maintain the integrity of LIC’s operations.
  5. Maintaining cordial relations with customers: Maintaining cordial relations with customers is an important aspect of the job profile of a LIC AAO. AAOs strive to provide excellent customer service by addressing customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints promptly and professionally. AAOs also follow up with customers to ensure their satisfaction, provide updates on policy status, and offer additional products or services as appropriate. By fostering positive relationships with customers, AAOs contribute to customer loyalty, enhance the company’s reputation, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of LIC.

LIC AAO Officer Job profile

The LIC AAO it officer job profile involves significant responsibilities in LIC. AAOs are responsible for the overall management of policies, including policy issuance, claim settlements, and customer service. They handle policy-related queries, assist in policy planning, and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

AAOs also engage in business development activities, such as promoting insurance products, acquiring new clients, and conducting market research. They analyze financial data, evaluate risks, and make informed decisions. AAOs participate in administrative tasks, including budgeting, record-keeping, and coordinating with different departments. It is a challenging role that requires strong analytical, communication, and leadership skills.

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LIC AAO Generalist Job profile

The LIC AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer) Generalist job profile in the Life Insurance Corporation of India entails diverse responsibilities. AAO Generalists are involved in various aspects of insurance operations, including policy administration, underwriting, claims management, and customer service.

They handle policy-related inquiries, assist in policy development, and ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines. They evaluate risks, assess financial data, and make informed decisions. AAO Generalists participate in administrative tasks, including budgeting, record-keeping, and coordinating with different departments.

LIC AAO Actuarial Job profile

The actuarial job profile in the Life Insurance Corporation of India involves specialized work in actuarial science. AAO Actuaries primarily focus on risk assessment, data analysis, and mathematical modeling to determine insurance premiums, policy pricing, and reserve requirements. They analyze demographic, financial, and statistical data to develop actuarial models and forecasts.

They work closely with underwriters, claims professionals, and senior management to provide actuarial insights and recommendations. This role requires advanced mathematical skills, statistical proficiency, and a deep understanding of insurance principles and regulations.

LIC AAO Job Profile Overview

PostJob profile
LIC AAO Officerpolicy issuance, claim settlements, customer service, and overall management of policies
LIC AAO Generalistbudgeting, record-keeping, coordinating with different departments, and other administrative tasks
LIC AAO Actuarialrisk assessment, data analysis, and mathematical modeling(determine insurance premiums), policy pricing, and reserve requirements

LIC AAO Salary

The salary of a LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) is attractive. The starting salary of a LIC AAO after the 7th Pay Commission is ₹53600. AAOs receive various allowances such as dearness Allowance, house rent allowance, and transport allowance. LIC AAO also gets other benefits such as Leave Travel Concession, Medical Facility, Accidental Insurance, and other benefits. Salary structure of LIC AAO is given below:

Pay scale₹53600–₹102090
Basic Pay53,600
AllowancesDearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, and Special Allowance
Gross Salary85,612
Salary in Hand75,051

LIC AAO Promotion and Growth

LIC AAO also provides the opportunity for promotion and growth, for those who are working on LIC AAO posts. If any candidate wants to get promoted to the upper-level post then it is possible. To get the promotion in LIC AAO there are steps, time duration, and terms and conditions.

Here we are providing the details that how can you get fast promotion in the LIC AAO exam. How much time it will take to get the promotion, carrier growth, and its process. What are the highest posts you can achieve in LIC AAO and many more.

Once the candidates get selected in LIC AAO exam then they may have to stay in the same post for 5 to 7 years. After that, they will be promoted to the next stage and again some years to the next stage. If the candidates work well and do all their work on time and coordinate with other concerned departments, they also get faster promotions & career growth and don’t need to wait for years like 5 to 7 years.

The fast promotion and career growth also depend on many factors like working style, efficiency, and new innovative methods which are beneficial for LIC. Promotion and career growth are given below:

Administrative Officer→Assistant Divisional Manager→Divisional Manager→Senior Divisional Manager→Zonal Manager

  1. Administrative Officer: An administrative officer plays a vital role responsible for overseeing and managing various administrative functions within the organization. Their responsibilities include handling policyholder inquiries, managing customer service, supervising branch operations, coordinating with different departments, and implementing administrative policies and procedures. AOs in LIC play a pivotal role in maintaining high service standards, promoting customer satisfaction, and contributing to the overall growth and success of the organization.
  2. Assistant Divisional Manager: The Assistant Divisional Manager (ADM) is a significant managerial role in the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). ADMs are responsible for overseeing and managing operations within a specific division. They work in achieving business targets, implement strategies, and drive growth. They provide guidance, support, and training to subordinate staff, fostering a productive and motivated work environment. ADMs also monitor compliance with regulatory requirements, handle customer escalations, and ensure adherence to company policies. Their contributions are instrumental in maintaining high service standards, promoting customer satisfaction, and achieving overall organizational success in their designated area.
  3. Divisional Manager: A Divisional Manager in LIC is a high-ranking position responsible for overseeing the operation and performance of multiple branches within a specified division. They manage a team of branch managers and staff, ensure compliance with company policies, meet sales goals, and provide excellent customer service. Divisional managers work in strategic planning, business development, and employee training. They collaborate with the senior management, participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the overall growth and profitability of LIC. Strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills are essential to success in this role.
  4. Senior Divisional Manager: At LIC a Senior Divisional Manager is a senior leadership role responsible for overseeing multiple divisions or zones within the organization. They are responsible for the overall performance and profitability of their assigned divisions, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements. Senior Divisional Managers play a crucial role in strategic planning, business development, and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies. They cooperate with senior executives, lead a team of Divisional Managers, and provide guidance and support to achieve organizational goals.
  5. Zonal Manager: The zonal Manager at LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is a senior executive responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of a specific geographical zone. They are accountable for achieving business targets, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and promoting customer satisfaction within their zone. Zonal Managers play a pivotal role in strategic planning, resource allocation, and developing effective sales and marketing strategies. They lead a team of Divisional Managers and provide guidance, support, and training to ensure consistent growth and profitability. Strong leadership, communication, and decision-making skills are vital for success in this influential position.


What does AAO stand for in LIC AAO?

AAO stands for Assistant Administrative Officer

How can I apply for LIC AAO?

LIC AAO recruitment notifications are typically published on the official LIC website and in leading newspapers. Candidates can apply online by filling out the application form and following the instructions provided in the recruitment notification.

What are the responsibilities of LIC AAO?

LIC AAOs are responsible for many tasks, including policy administration, claim settlement, customer service, underwriting, and risk assessment. They also handle administrative duties, supervise staff, and ensure compliance with regulations.

How can one prepare for the LIC AAO exam?

To prepare for the LIC AAO exam, one should thoroughly study the syllabus, practice previous years’ question papers, and take mock tests. It is also advisable to stay updated with current affairs, and insurance-related knowledge, and improve general aptitude and reasoning abilities.

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