List of First in the World

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first in the world
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List of First in the World

First men to climb Mt. EverestSherpa Tenzing Norgay & Sir Edmund Hillary (29th May 1953)
First man to reach North PoleRobert Edwin Peary
First man to reach South PoleRoald Amundsen
First religion of the worldSanatan Dharma
First country to print booksChina
First country to issue paper currencyChina
First country to start Civil Services CompetitionChina
First President of United States of AmericaGeorge Washington
First Prime Minister of Great BritainRobert Walpole
First Secretary-General of United NationsTrygve Lie (Norway)
First country to make education compulsoryPrussia/ Germany
First country to win the World Cup FootballUruguay (1930)
First country to make a constitutionUnited States of America
Pakistan’s first Governor-GeneralMohammad Ali Jinnah
First summit of NAM was organized inBelgrade (former Yugoslavia)
First European to visit ChinaMarco Polo
First man to fly an airplaneWright Brothers (Wilbur and Orville Right)
First person to sail around the worldFerdinand Magellan
First country to send human to MoonUnited States of America
First country to launch satellite into spaceRussia (former USSR)
First country to host the modern Olympic gamesGreece
First President of the Republic of ChinaDr. Sun Yat-sen
First city to be attacked with Atom bombHiroshima (Japan)
First Radio Telescope Satellite was launched into spaceJapan
First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister to visit IndiaV.I. Bulganin
First University of the worldTakshashila / Taxila University 800 BC
First man to set foot on the MoonNeil Armstrong (U.S.A.)
First man to go into spaceMajor Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (USSR)
First Space Shuttle launchedColumbia (April 12, 1981)
First Space Ship landed on MarsViking-I (July 20, 1976)
First Woman Prime Minister of EnglandMargaret Thacher
First Woman Prime Minister of any Muslim countryBenazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
First Woman Prime Minister of a countrySirimavo Bhandarnaike (Sri Lanka)
First Woman cosmonaut in spaceValentina Tereshkova (USSR)
First Woman to climb Mt. EverestJunko Tabei (Japan)
First female amputee in the world to climb Mt. EverestArunima Sinha
First deaf and dumb to cross the Strait of GibraltarTaranath Shenoy (India)
First Woman President of UN General AssemblySmt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953)
First European Invader of Indian soilAlexander, The Great
First Woman to reach the North Pole, First Woman to Ski across Antarctica, First Woman to reach South Pole, First Woman to cross Arctic ice to the North PoleAnn Bancroft
First Woman to reach AntarcticaCaroline Mikkelsen’s
First Woman to be a working member of an Antarctic ExpeditionJackie Ronne
First man to draw the map of earthAnaximander (610-542 BC)
First man to compile EncyclopaediaAspheosis (Athens)
The oldest man to climb Mt. EverestYuichiro Miura (Japan), 2013
First Asian to win Wimbledon TrophyArthur Ashe (U.S.A.)
First man to win Nobel Prize for LiteratureSully Prudhomme (France)
First man to win Nobel Prize for PeaceJean H. Dunant (Switzerland) & Frederic Passy (France)
First man to win Nobel Prize for PhysicsW.C. Rontgen (Germany)
First man to win Nobel Prize for ChemistryJ.H. Van’t Hoff (Howlland)
First man to win Nobel Prize for MedicineEmil Adolf Von Behrig (Germany)
First man to win Nobel Prize for EconomicsRagnar Frisch (Norway) & Jan Tinbergen (Howlland)
First Woman President of a countryMarma Estela I.M. Cortas de Peron (Argentina)
First Space Tourist (Male)Dennis Tito (U.S.A.)
First Space Tourist (Female)Mrs. Anousheh Ansari (Irani American)
First Person to conduct a SpacewalkAlexei Leonov
First Queen of BritainLady Jane Grey
First President (Woman)Marma Estela ‘Isabel’ Martinez Cartas de Peron (Argentina)
Oldest person to climb Mt. EverestYuichiro Miura (Japan)
First Woman to swim across English ChannelGertrude Ederle (US)
First country to legalize euthanasiaNetherlands
First country to issue Bank NoteSweden (1661)
First country to provide citizenship to a Robot (Sophia)Saudi Arabia

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