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Short Essay on Mob Lynching

Mob Lynching

Mob lynching is a kind of murder based on unverified news, religious fanaticism and enmity between groups. It becomes a threat to our society in recent years, where basic humanity is being killed every day due to the absence of awareness and proper understanding.

In 2017, the government imposed a ban on the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter at animal markets across India, under the “prevention of cruelty to animals” act. It sparked a new wave of cow vigilantes in the country. Under the guise of this act, some groups of people carried out their agenda and pervasive hatred that ultimately result in manslaughter.

To prevent mob lynching, guidelines are issued by the supreme court under which the government is directed to take preventive, remedial and punitive steps against it. State governments should identify district subdivisions and villages of high incidence and should also designate senior police officers to deal with mob lynching. Apart from the above measures, the court directed to protect and compensate the victims of mob lynching.

Both union and state governments also perceived this sensitive issue. The central government constituted two high-level committees to suggest ways and legal framework to effectively deal with lynching. “Manipur” became the first state to pass a law against mob lynching. ‘West Bengal’ assembly also passed the prevention of lynching bill 2019 with three years to life imprisonment.

Any thriving society needs harmony, liberty, and the dignity of each individual. If a sense of fear prevails, it becomes a curse to that society. We should always remember that we all are one representing the world’s number one democratic nation.

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Long essay on Mob Lynching

Mob Lynching

Mob lynching is an act or series of acts by a massive group of people, who form an illegal assembly, take the law into their own hands and commit crimes against a person or a group of people to punish them themselves. The violence is tantamount to offenses against the human body or property (both public and private). Communities sometimes kill people who seem suspicious.
As aptly referred to by the hon’ble supreme court as a ‘horrendous act of mobocracy.’ More often, innocent people are targeted based on some rumor or misinformation. In India, mob violence has taken various forms due to communalism, political instigation, crime and atrocities against the minority group, rape, murder, religious and cultural intolerance, racism, theft, etc.
In India, mob violence is growing, and there are two main reasons behind it – the structure of society and the government’s weakness. Society is still recognized based on religion and caste. Community identity is one of the drivers that lead to mob violence. The government and judicial system is weak in challenging the mob.
There are many mob lynching cases in happened in India. One is the karanji lynching of 2006, in which four family members were lynched over a land dispute by a mob of a minimum of fifty villages of politically dominant kunai caste, and the ladies were sexually assaulted before slaughtering them.
2009 Mangalore Pub Attack by a radical group, Sri Ram Sena, consisting of 40 activists, attacked young men and women in the pub. Stating that these women are violating traditional Indian values.
Another case is the Jharkhand lynching in 2013, whose base was a bike theft. A mob attacked 24-year-old Tabrez Ansari. He was brutally thrashed and beaten on suspicion of bike theft.
Another reason for mob lynching in India is the sale of cow meat. It has mostly resulted in mob attacks. After prohibiting the sale of cow meat under the prevention of Cruel to Animals Act in 2017, there has been a rise in cow vigilante. Dadri Lynching, 2015 occurred in UP. Md. Akhloq and his son were accused of slaughtering and stealing cow-calf and storing its meat for consumption. When Hindus observed this fact, the mob lynched the father and his son.
Supreme court issued several guidelines against mob lynching. Some of them are like – Broadcasting messages that involvement in lynching shall invite severe consequences by the center, state, and local authorities. The spreading of fake news and messages leads to the filing of an FIR against the culprit. States to make compensation schemes for victims. Lynching cases should be tried out by fast brack courts in each district and be concluded in 6 months.
Mob lynching is gaining ground in a burgeoning democracy like India, home to diverse cultures and traditions. It shows that people have lost faith in the legislature, judiciary, and administration that they are willing to take the law into their hands. The law is the mighties, and no one has the right to punish anyone, irrespective of any issues. Communicating this hate crime and playing the blame game will not result in solutions. The need of the hour is to bring a robust law on mob lynching, which will curb the menace from society.

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