Mob lynching

Mob lynching is a kind of murder based on unverified news, religious fanaticism and enmity between groups. It becomes a threat to our society in recent years, where basic humanity is being killed every day due to the absence of awareness and proper understanding.

In 2017, the government imposed a ban on the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter at animal markets across India, under the “prevention of cruelty to animals” act. It sparked a new wave of cow vigilantes in the country. Under the guise of this act, some groups of people carried out their agenda and pervasive hatred that ultimately result in manslaughter.

To prevent mob lynching, guidelines are issued by the supreme court under which the government is directed to take preventive, remedial and punitive steps against it. State governments should identify district subdivisions and villages of high incidence and should also designate senior police officers to deal with mob lynching. Apart from the above measures, the court directed to protect and compensate the victims of mob lynching.

Both union and state governments also perceived this sensitive issue. The central government constituted two high-level committees to suggest ways and legal framework to effectively deal with lynching. “Manipur” became the first state to pass a law against mob lynching. ‘West Bengal’ assembly also passed the prevention of lynching bill 2019 with three years to life imprisonment.

Any thriving society needs harmony, liberty, and the dignity of each individual. If a sense of fear prevails, it becomes a curse to that society. We should always remember that we all are one representing the world’s number one democratic nation.

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