30 most Important Phrasal Verbs meaning in Hindi

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most important Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal verb meaning in Hindi and Phrasal Verb Examples

1. Go by : to work accordingly (नियमानुसार कार्य करना)

Eg: Suman is a very sincere employee; she always goes by company’s policies.

2. Go down in history : to get admitted in history (इतिहास में नाम दर्ज होना)

Eg: Gandhiji struggled hard for freedom of India so his name went down in history.

3. Go on : to continue doing something (किसी कार्य को जारी रखना)

Eg: Even after exam gets postponed, Students should go on preparation.

4. Go through : To read, to pass through a time (किसी दौर से गुजरना/ पढना)

Eg:  You are advised to go through this chapter in order to find solution of your problem. (पढना)

Eg: These days, Real estate business is going through inflation. (मंदी के दौर से गुजर रहा हैं)

5. Go with : to match (मेल खाना)

Eg: This scarf is going with my new dress which I bought last week.

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6. Hear of : to get the news about (किसी के बारे में सूचना मिलना)

Eg: I was shocked when heard of his fatal accident. (दुर्घटना के बारे में सूचना मिलना)

7. Hit out : to attack verbally (आलोचना करना)

Eg: Some persons are in the habit of hitting out others.

8. Hold back : to control expression (व्यक्त करने से रुकना)

Eg: Sunita was about to say something, but suddenly she held back. (बोलते बोलते रुक गयी)

9. Hold on : to keep something in a position

Eg: In spite of her aching shoulders, Robin held on the rope.(कंधे में दर्द के बावजूद रस्सी को पकडे रखा)

10. Jump at : to reach conclusion in a hurry (जल्दबाजी में किसी निष्कर्ष पर पहुचना)

Eg: John has no passions, he always jumps at. (धैर्य नही होने के कारण जल्दी में निष्कर्ष पर पहुच जाता हैं)

11. Keep away : to maintain distance (दूरी बनाये रखना)

Eg: Childern were instructed to keep away from garbage while playing in the street. (कचरे से दूर रहने के लिए कहा गया)

12. Keep from : to abstain from (बुरी संगत से दूर रहना)

Eg: We should keep from bad company.

13. Keep up: to maintain in good condition/ to continue doing something (अच्छी स्थिति में रखना/ किसी कार्य को जारी रखना)

Eg: Sameer loves his bike, so he keeps it up. (अच्छी स्थिति में रखता हैं)

Eg: You are doing well in game, keep it up. (जारी रखो)

14. Knock down : to thrust someone to the ground (धक्का मार के गिरा देना)

Eg: In the game of Kabbadi, Sushil knocked down his opponent.

15. Lay down : to give up arms (हथियार डाल देना)

Eg: Though soldiers struggled hard in the battle, but in end they had to lay down.

16. Lay off : to dismiss/ to fire (छटनी करना/ नौकरी से निकालना)

Eg: In the time of recession, Companies usually lay off its employees.

17. Lie behind : to be the real reason (वास्तविक कारण होना)

Eg:  We need to explore what lies behind the increasing weight problem. (वजन बढ़ने के पीछे वास्तविक कारण क्या हैं)

18. Live by : to earn livelihood/ to follow (कोई काम करके गुजर बसर करना/ अनुसरण करना)

Eg: My uncle lives by furniture work.(फर्नीचर का काम करके गुजर बसर करते हैं)

Eg: We should live by traffic rules while on road. (यातायात के नियमो का अनुसरण करना चाहिए)

19. Live off : to live on particular food (किसी खास भोजन पर रहना)

Eg: Some monks live off fruits and vegetables only. (सिर्फ फल और सब्जिया ही खाते हैं)

20. Live through : to survive in difficulty (किसी अप्रिय अनुभव को झेलना)

Eg:  Nowadays, My family is living through insolvency. (कंगाली में रह रहे हैं)

21. Live up to : to reach an expected standard (उम्मीद के अनुसार होना)

Eg: This project should have lived up to, but unfortunately it is not. (उम्मीद के अनुसार होना चाहिए था)

22. Look about/for : to search (खोजना)

Eg: I am looking about my spectacles.

Eg: My mother has looked for the shirt, but didn’t find it.

23. Look after : to take care of something or someone (देख भाल करना)

Eg: We should look after our grandparents in their old age.

24. Look down on /upon : to regard as inferior (नीची निगाह से देखना / किसी को कम आंकना)

Eg:  He looks down on everyone, who doesn’t belong to his community.

25. Look forward to : to anticipate pleasantly (उत्सुकता से प्रतीक्षा करना)

Eg:  As Minal has performed well in interview, she is looking forward to positive response from company.

26. Look into : to investigate (जाँच करनाखोजबीन के सन्दर्भ में)

Eg: The police are looking into case honestly.

27. Look out for : to try to find (खोजने या समझने की कोशिश करना)

Eg:  You need to look out for why he declined your proposal.

28. Look over : to examine (जांच करना)

Eg: Teachers look over answer sheet carefully before submitting to exam cell.

29. Look up – improve  /  to try to find a piece of information by looking in a book or on a computer.

     Ex.   Things seemed to be looking up at the last when we got the contract from Mr. Sarkar.

     Ex.  If you come across the new words, you should look them up in the dictionary.

30. Make do with : to manage (काम चलाना)

Eg:  There was no juice so I had to make do with soft drink which I generally avoid.

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FAQs on Phrasal Verbs

what is Phrasal Verb in Hindi?

Phrasal verb, दो या दो से अधिक words का group होता है जिसका सामूहिक meaning, words के meaning से अलग होता है|

Is Phrasal Verb important for SSC Exam?

Yes, Phrasal verb is important for ssc exams as they can be asked in both Idioms and Phrases topic as well as in fill in the blanks section.

How to learn Phrasal Verbs?

The best way to learn Phrasal Verbs is to practice 20 sentences on all important Phrasal Verbs. In this way, students can easily remember the Phrasal Verbs and their meanings in English and Hindi.

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