Updated Indian Navy AA Exam 2024-25: Complete details

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Indian Navy AA Exam 2024-25

In this article, we are covering details of the Indian Navy AA Exam that will help students prepare. If aspirants are starting or thinking of preparing for the Indian Navy AA exam 2024-25, then this is the best article for them. Here, we have covered the comprehensive details of what the Indian Navy AA exam, How to prepare for this exam, Indian Navy AA exam pattern, the syllabus, best books, preparation strategy, previous year cut-off and others.

About Indian Navy AA Exam

The Artificer Apprentice (AA) exam is conducted by the Indian Navy for the recruitment of sailors in the Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice (AA) trade. It is open to unmarried Indian male candidates who have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in Physics and Mathematics with Chemistry/Computer Science/Biology as one of the subjects.

The selection process consists of a written test and a physical fitness test. Successful candidates undergo a training course followed by specialized training in their respective trades. Indian Navy AA Exam provides an opportunity for young candidates to join the Indian Navy.

About Exam Conducting Body

The Indian Navy conducts the Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice (AA) Exam which is a crucial part of its recruitment process. This examination is designed to select eligible and qualified candidates for the Artificer Apprentice trade within the Indian Navy. The Indian Navy is one of the branches of the Indian Armed Forces and it is responsible for safeguarding the nation’s maritime interests. It operates an array of warships, submarines, aircraft, and coastal defense systems.

The AA Exam serves as a gateway for young unmarried Indian male candidates to join the Indian Navy as sailors where they undergo rigorous training to become skilled technicians and serve their country at sea and onshore.

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Exam pattern of Indian Navy AA

Indian Navy AA Exam consists of a total of four subjects English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Science. For each correct answer, candidates will be awarded one mark and 0.25 negative marking is applicable for wrong answers. There are a total of 100 questions and each subject has 25 questions. The time duration of this exam is one hour.

SubjectsTotal number of QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
English 25 25 60 Minutes
General Knowledge 25 25
Maths 25 25
Science 25 25
Exam pattern of Indian Navy AA

Indian Navy AA Syllabus

Indian Navy AA Syllabus contains topics like Correction of sentences, Current Affairs, History, Geography, and more. Below we mentioned the detailed information.

EnglishChange the voice.
Verbs/Tense/Non- Finites
Correction of sentences
Substituting phrasal verbs for expression
Compound prepositions
Synonyms and Antonyms
Meanings of difficult words
Use of adjectives
Use of pronouns
General KnowledgeCulture and Religion
Current Affairs

Inland Harbours
Freedom Movement.
No. of Players
Wars and Neighbours
Important National Facts about India
Heritage and Arts
Capitals and Currencies

Eminent Personalities
Common Names
Full forms
Diseases and Nutrition
Award and Authors
MathematicsSequences and Series
Applications of Derivatives
Indefinite Integrals Binomial Theorem
Definite Integrals
Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Straight Lines Family of Straight Lines
Conic Sections
Permutations and Combinations
Relations and Functions
Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations
Exponential and Logarithmic Series
Sets and Set Theory
Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
Probability Function
Limits and Continuity
Current Electricity
Physical World and Measurement
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations
Atomic Nucleus / Solid and Semi-Conductor Devices
Principles of Communication
Metals and Non- Metals
Organic Chemistry
Laws of Motion
Work, Energy, and Power
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body/Gravitation
Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
Heat Thermodynamics
Food, Nutrition, and Health
Physiology and Human Diseases
Computer Science.
Indian Navy AA Syllabus

Best Books for Indian Navy AA Exam Preparation

We would like to suggest some special books which can help the candidates to crack this exam. Below we have mentioned the details.

  1. Indian Navy AA Sailor (Artificer Apprentice) Recruitment Exam Guide: This book is specifically tailored for the AA Exam and covers all the essential topics.
  2. Arihant’s Indian Navy Sailor (AA) Recruitment Exam: Arihant publications provide a range of books for defense exams, and their AA Exam guide is a popular choice.
  3. Indian Navy AA Exam Preparation Book by MKC Publication: This book is authored by experts in defense exam preparation and provides a well-structured approach to studying for the AA Exam.
  4. Upkar’s Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice (AA) Exam Guide: Upkar publications have a good reputation for competitive exam guides, and this one is no exception.
  5. Pathfinder for NDA & NA National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Entrance Examination: While not specific to the AA Exam, this book covers general knowledge and mathematics topics that are part of the AA Exam syllabus.
  6. NCERT Books: Don’t forget to study the NCERT textbooks for Classes 10 and 12, especially for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, as they form the basis of the AA Exam.

Indian Navy AA Previous Year question papers

Indian Navy AA exam previous year question papers are very important to evaluate the past year exams, understand the exam difficulty level, and important topics that must prepare for the exam. Here is the Link of the question paper pdf.

Previous Year Cut off and Safe Score

The cut off for the year 2022 is given below.

CategoryCut off
Previous Year Cut off and Safe Score
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Preparation Strategy for Indian Navy AA Exam

Embarking on a journey to join the esteemed ranks of the Indian Navy as an Artificer Apprentice (AA) is a commendable aspiration. One that demands unwavering dedication and a well-thought-out strategy. The Indian Navy is not just a career; it’s a way of life marked by discipline, honor, and service to the nation. In this blog, we will delve into the multifaceted world of AA preparation, shedding light on both self-study plans and the advantages of enrolling in specialized courses.

Whether the candidates are motivated self-learners or prefer structured guidance, this guide will equip them with the knowledge and insights needed to set sail on the path to becoming an Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice.

Self-study plan

A self-study plan is immensely beneficial for Indian Navy AA exam preparation. It empowers candidates with flexibility and personalized learning. Self-study allows individuals to set their own pace focus on weak areas and tailor their schedules to their strengths. It fosters independence, self-discipline, and self-assessment skills which are invaluable traits for Navy personnel.

It’s cost-effective and eliminates the constraints of location and time. Self-learners can access a plethora of study materials online, practice mock tests, and engage in revision as needed with the right resources and dedication. A well-structured self-study plan empowers candidates to take charge of their preparation and increases their chances of excelling in the Indian Navy AA exam.

Prepare with courses

Preparing with self-paced courses can greatly benefit candidates in their Indian Navy AA exam preparation strategy. These courses provide flexibility, allowing candidates to tailor their study program to their needs. They provide comprehensive study material, practice tests, and expert guidance, ensuring thorough preparation. Self-paced courses enable them to revisit challenging topics and focus on their weaknesses.

They simulate exam situations, helping candidates manage time effectively. Candidates can maintain a comfortable learning environment with the freedom to study from anywhere. Prepare with courses also promotes self-discipline and motivation which are important qualities for Navy aspirants. Adopting these courses as part of the candidates’ strategy can increase their chances of success in the Indian Navy AA exam.

FAQs on Indian Navy AA Exam

What is the selection process for the Indian Navy AA exam?

The selection process consists of a written examination and a physical fitness test. Candidates who pass these stages are then selected for training as Artificer Apprentices.

How can I prepare for the Indian Navy AA exam?

Preparation involves a thorough study of the prescribed syllabus, solving previous years’ question papers, and maintaining physical fitness. Some candidates also opt for coaching and self-paced courses to enhance their preparation.

Who is eligible to apply for the Indian Navy AA exam?

Male candidates who have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in Science and Mathematics are eligible to apply. They should also be between 17.5 to 23 years of age.

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