The Safe Old Coins Selling Online Process in 2023-24

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If you want to sell or buy old coins or bank notes, then you must read this article first. We are going to tell you every detail of the old coin-selling market that will help you to understand the system and process of selling coins and notes online via this article. So, if you read this article thoroughly, then, it will definitely help you in selling your old coins and notes at the reasonable price you want.

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Types of Old Coins selling online

If you have a few ancient coins then it may or may not consider as the old coins that are in demand nowadays. So, before selling your old coin to an old coin buyer, you first have to understand what the type of old coin you have and what should be the current price of that old coin.

Though Old Coin means just a coin minted in old years, it can be categorised as:

  • Ancient Coins
  • Historical Coins
  • Rare Coins
  • Limited Edition Coins

and so on. Now, you can also categorise old notes in this way.

Now, let’s understand the different types of old coins:

Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins are those coins that were minted in an ancient era. If we talk about Indian ancient coins, then Gupta Coins, Mauryan Coins, and Harappan Sail are examples of ancient coins. These types of coins are the most valuable coins and the auction prices are in Crores.

Historical Coins

Historical Coins are those coins that have some historical value like coins printed with the Indian freedom struggle, Indian old coins with dandi march print and so on. Historical coins are the second highest value auction prices nowadays. If you want to know the different types of Historical Coins and their current prices, you can follow the article “Old Coin Value Price List” published by

Rare Coins

Rare coins are those coins that are available few in number. These coins are rare and not easily available in the market like ₹100 coins, ₹250 coins etc. The prices of these coins become high because of their rarity and may increase further when there is a sudden demand in the market.

Limited Edition Coins

Limited Edition Coins are those coins that are produced in a small number, usually for a specific purpose or event. They are often made of precious metals, such as gold or silver, and may have unique designs or features. Limited edition coins can be a popular collectable item, and their value can increase over time. Examples are Commonwealth coins, Error coins, prooflike coins etc.

Old Coin Selling Process

Nowadays, People are confused about the selling process of old coins online. Let’s make it simple with this article. Please note, that the old coin selling process may be risky as many fraud old coin buyers or sellers are available in the market. So, it is very very important for the innocent seller to the detailed process of selling old coins online and we also strongly suggest doing more and more research before selling it to online platforms like old coin selling online websites like coin bazaar, old coin buyer, coin market, old coin selling whatsapp number linked sites.

To make the Old Coin Sale Online Process easier, we have divided the whole dealing into a few steps that are given below in the form of bullets. Please, read carefully before selling your precious coins online:

  • The first step is to check whether your coin is genuine or not. If your coin is dusty or the printed parts have been completely committed then it is better to throw it to your dustbin. But, if your heart and soul still assist you in selling that coin to an old coin buyer, then contact an old coin buyer through his whatsapp number and sell images of your coins. If you respond to a price in a few multiples of the actual price then the buyer can assume real. But if you get an unrealistic amount of your coin, the old coin buyer is completely fake.
  • If your coin is safe and not damaged, then send the images of your coin to the old coin buyer’s WhatsApp numbers. Please note that a fake old coin dealer will offer you an unrealistic value for your coins. Stay Safe and avoid such dealing. Always verify old coin dealers’ WhatsApp numbers and contact numbers before making any deal with your coins.
  • Once you verify the real old coin buyer and their WhatsApp numbers, mail IDs are genuine then you can go further steps. Call them to know the process of selling old coins.
  • In most cases, old coin buyer charges an amount of around Rs 1100 for the registration of old coins to their companies but it is a one-time payment they charge. The price may differ from buyer to buyer. Once again, before sending money for registration, call them and verify thoroughly if they are real or not. In most of the cases in India, people are complaining about forgery cases of old coins bought and sold online.
  • Old coin sell buyer contact numbers are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621.

Old Coin Buyer in India

An old coin buyer is actually a person who is involved in an old coin buying and selling business. He buys old coins from the normal seller and sells these coins at high auction value in the old coin-selling market (Coin Bazaar).

In India, you will get a large number of old coin buyers engaged in old coin sell. This is because Indian old coins have very significant historical importance not only for Indians but also worldwide and that’s why their auction value is very high compared to their original price. This is the reason for the blooming old coin business all over the world and it is a highly profitable business.

Many museums, auction markets, and numismatics can buy historical antique coins at any cost because of their rarity and historical importance. A few years back, it was in the news that ₹1 coin with Indra Gandhi images sold in Rs 1 Crore. This is why people go crazy when they get old coins from their homes. So, if you want to sell your old coins to a coin bazaar, you can contact trusted old coin buyers. Old Indian Coin Buyer Contact number is 91-7044727621.

Old Coin Buyer WhatsApp Number

If you have old coins and looking for a real and experienced old coin buyer whatsapp number to know the current auction price of your old coin also called as purane sikke, then we suggest before dealing with any other coin buyer, send your coin images to these old coin buyer whatsapp numbers +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621 to know the current auction price of your coins even your old bank notes if having any historical importance.

You can also use these numbers if you are looking for old coin buyers in your locality near your city. We have received sponsored dealers for old coins to buy online. These coin expert phone numbers are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621.

  • Old Coin Buyer Whatsapp number is 918585065261.
  • Old Coin Sell Whatsapp number is 917044727621.

Old Coin Buyer in Delhi

Now, the native of delhi always looking for coin dealers in Delhi. We are going to provide this details further here. old coin buyer in delhi contact numbers are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621. If you live in delhi then these may become your personal guide to sell old coins online. We again strongly suggest you to stay safe while dealing with any old coin buyer online. What numbers we have given here is sponsored and they may become trustworthy.

Call at these numbers given to know the process to sell old coins in delhi or around delhi ncr. These buyers of old coins will also tell you the best price for your coins if found genuine and original.

Old Coin Buyer in Mumbai

old coin buyer contact number in mumbai are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621. Call at these number to know the old coin registration process or old coin sell online in Mumbai. Mumbai is the hub of old coin selling and most of the antique coin buyers from coinbazaar are running their business from this city. It is best to deal with them through whatsapp number and contact phone number to sell your old coins and notes online to earn money.

Old Coin Buyer in Kolkata

As like above, old coin buyer in Kolkata is the best option for those seller who want to sell their coins and notes online in West Bengal. old coin buyer contact numbers in Kolkata are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621 that will help you to understand the process of Indian old coin sell.

Old Coin Buyer in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of Andra Pradesh. If people of AP are looking for best old coin buyer whatsapp number then use +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621 contact numbers to know the process of old coin sell and old coin sell price in India.

Old Coin Buyer Contact numbers in Hyderabad are +91-8585065261 and +91-7044727621.

Old Coin Buyer Company

There are no companies legally registered in this business of selling and buying coins and notes online as RBI doesn’t take any responsibility in selling old Indian coins and notes. But, It doesn’t mean that selling of coins and notes are illegal in India. A few government websites are also involved in selling of old coins online to coin lovers all around the world and they are dealing in antique coins.

So, a few old coin buyer companies in India are working and you will get coin dealers numbers that are working either under these few companies or working independently.

You may wonder how they can get profit from buying and selling old coins and notes. It is very simple. The actual profit of an old coin buyer is the middle amount between buying amount and selling these coins on the global market.

List of a few old coin buyer companies with their contact numbers:

Coin Bazaar Old Coin Buyer Contact Number91-7044727621
Indiamart old coin buyer contact number91-8585065261
Olx old coin sell WhatsApp number91-8585065261
old coin buyer company contact number91-7044727621
Coin expert company contact number91-7044727621

Selling old coins and notes

Now, no worries, if you have old bank notes and want to sell them online to earn money. It is simple process just like selling coins online for cash. Send you undamaged old Indian notes pictures to old cin buyer WhatsApp group links available at 91-7044727621 and know the current selling process.

RBI Old Coin Buyer Contact Number

RBI Authorised old coins are in high demand if they are rare and are categorised in limited edition coins. These coins can have prices 5-10 times higher than the original price of coins. If you are still confused that which of your coins are of limited edition then we suggest you to read these article till end or call at coin buyer whatsapp numbers +91-8585065261 or +91-7044727621 to know the value price list of RBI authorised coins price in coin bazzar.

Where to sell rare coins in India?

The date available on the google tell us there are two types of websites available in google search result for selling old coins and notes online. These are:

  1. Old Coin Buyers Whatsapp numbers and Old Coin Buyers Contact numbers available on different websites as sponsored posts, guest posts and Paid Promotions just like what numbers available on the Nishant eAcademy Website.
  2. Except this there are also old coins selling online websites like coin bazaar, old coin buyer, coin market, and others where any one sell rare coins in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

is selling old coins online safe?

No. Selling old coins online is not safe. People may encounter with fake old coin buyers and may lost their money and valuable coins both. So, it is very important to do a lots of research before selling old coins online.

can I sell my old coins and notes both together?

In most of the cases, Yes. Old coin buyers can accept both old rare and antique coins and antique notes. But, in a few case, buyers may only ask to sell only old coins and not old bank notes.

Why one should avoid selling Indian coins directly in a global market?

In most of the cases, seller may encounter a fake coin buyer at global level and also selling old coins at global level is a typical job.

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