One Nation – One election

For the past few years, it has been observed that elections are taking place year after year and draining not only time but also our resources and manpower. “One Nation – One Election” is the idea endowed with being elected once in five years and serving the nation for the rest.

One nation – one election or simultaneous elections mean that instead of having several elections happening across the country every year, elections will be held only once in five years. Many countries like Sweden, Indonesia, South Africa, Germany, etc. already hold simultaneous elections. In India, simultaneous elections were conducted for the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies in 1952-67 but disrupted from 1968-69 as some legislative assemblies were dissolved earlier due to various reasons.

In the 2019 elections, total expenses on elections are around 60,000 crores. Applying the One Election concept will reduce the election expenses. Moreover, it will reduce the burden on administrative setup, ensure the administrative machinery and ensure timely implementation of the government policies.

However, there have been several dark clouds as well. The core issue which hinders its implementation is India’s parliamentary form of government which allow re-election whenever a ruling party falls before its term ends. Further, it is difficult to convince all the political parties of the One Nation One Election as no party will be ready to agree to lose its power before its tenure for synchronising the one election plan.

Finally, it can be said that It’s like an expensive and effective medicine pill which has some side effects too. It depends on the citizens whether to accept this pill with its side effects or not.

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