Updated OPSC OAS Exam 2024-25: Complete details

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OPSC OAS Exam 2024-25

In this article, we are covering details of the OPSC OAS Exam that will help students in their preparation. If aspirants started or thinking of preparing for OPSC OAS exam 2024-25, then this is the best article for them. Here, we have covered the comprehensive details of what is OPSC OAS exam, How to prepare for this exam, OPSC OAS exam pattern, the syllabus, best books, preparation strategy, previous year cut-off and others.

About OPSC OAS Exam

The Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) Exam is conducted by the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC). OPSC is a prestigious competitive examination in the state of Odisha. It is designed to recruit candidates for various administrative posts within the state government. The OAS exam consists of three stages, the Preliminary Exam, Main Exam, and Interview.

The Preliminary Exam includes objective-type questions the Main Exam is a written examination covering a wide range of subjects and the Personality Test assesses candidates’ communication skills and personality.

About Exam Conducting Body

The Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) is the governing body responsible for conducting the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) examination in the state of Odisha in India. OPSC is entrusted with the recruitment and selection of candidates for various administrative services and posts in the Odisha state government.

The OAS exam organized by OPSC is a competitive process comprising three stages: Preliminary Exam, Main Exam, and an interview. It serves as a gateway for aspiring candidates to enter administrative roles and contribute to the governance and development of Odisha.

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Exam pattern of OPSC OAS

The OPSC OAS exam consists of two stages, the Preliminary Examination and the Main Examination. The preliminary Examination is a screening exam with two papers, each of two hours duration. Paper 1 is about general knowledge, while Paper 2 is about Odia language and literature. The Main Examination is a more comprehensive exam.

Exam pattern of OPSC OAS Prelims exam

The Prelims exam consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 consists of 100 questions and Paper 2 consists of 80 questions. The time duration of this exam is 2 hours for each paper. Candidates can check the detailed information below.

PapersTotal number of questionsTotal marksDuration
General Studies
(Paper 1)
1002002 Hours
General Studies
(Paper 2)
802002 Hours
Exam pattern of OPSC OAS Prelims exam

Exam pattern of OPSC OAS Mains exam

OPSC OAS Mains Exam consists of a total of 9 papers, each paper is of 250 marks and the time duration of each is 3 hours, details are given below.

Papers Subjects  Total Marks  Duration
 Part 1 
 Paper 1Odia Language  250 3 Hours
 Paper 2English  250 3 Hours 
 Part 2 
 Paper 1English Essay 250 3 Hours 
 Paper 2General Studies 1  250 3 Hours 
Paper 3General Studies 2  2503 Hours
 Paper 4General Studies 3  2503 Hours
 Paper 5General Studies 4  250 3 Hours 
 Paper 6Optional Subject 1  250 3 Hours 
 Paper 7Optional Subject 2  2503 Hours
Exam pattern of OPSC OAS Mains exam

OPSC OAS Syllabus

The OPSC OAS Syllabus covers a wide range of topics including Odia language, English language, General Studies I , General Studies II, and 19 optional subjects, below the details are given.

OPSC OAS Prelims Syllabus

The OPSC OAS Prelims Syllabus covers the subjects Odia language, English language, General Studies, and Quantitative Aptitude.

General Studies
(Paper 1)
Indian Polity and Governance – Panchayat Raj, Public Policy, Constitution, Political system, Rights, Issues, etc.
Economic and Social Development –
Current affairs – Current events of National and International Importance
Indian History – History of India & Indian Historical Moments
Global Geography – Social, Physical, and Economic Geography of India and the World
Environmental Ecology – General Issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-Diversity & climate change that do not require subject specialization
General Science
General Studies
(Paper 2)
English language comprehension skills
Basic Numeracy, Data Interpretation
Interpersonal skills including communication skills
Logical Reasoning and Analytical Behavior
General Mental Ability
Decision making and problem solving
OPSC OAS Prelims Syllabus

OPSC OAS Mains Syllabus

This syllabus is divided into 2 parts, compulsory subjects and optional subjects. In compulsory subjects, candidates have to appear in these papers, and in optional subjects, candidates can choose subjects from various subjects.

OPSC OAS Mains Compulsory Exam Syllabus

The OPSC OAS Mains Compulsory Exam Syllabus covers a wide range of topics including Odia language, English language, General Studies I, and General Studies II.

Odia Language
(Paper 1)
Essay Writing
Translation from English to Odia
Expansion of an idea
Precis writing
(Paper 2)
Essay Writing
Translation from Odia to English
Expansion of an idea
Precis writing
English Essay
(Paper 3)
General Studies I
(Paper 4)
Indian Polity
Indian Constitution
Indian History
Ecology and Environment
Human Resource Development
Legal and Environmental issues
Role of National Institutions
Social issues and Social Welfare problems
Indian Geography
Current National issues
General Studies II
(Paper 5)
India and the World
Foreign Affairs
External Security
Science & Technology
Space Technology
Indian Economy
International Affairs
International Institutions
Statistical Analysis
OPSC OAS Mains Compulsory Exam Syllabus

OPSC OAS Mains Optional subjects

The OPSC OAS Mains Optional Subjects include Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Anthropology, Agricultural Engineering, Botany, Chemistry, and more.

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary ScienceHistory
Agriculture EngineeringManagement
BotanyMechanical Engineering
ChemistryMedical Science
Civil EngineeringIndian Language & Literature in any 1 of the mentioned languages
Commerce & AccountancyPolitical Science & International Relationships (PS & IR)
Electrical EngineeringPhilosophy
EconomicsPublic Administration
Fisheries SciencesPsychology
Home Science
OPSC OAS Mains Optional subjects

Best Books for OPSC OAS Exam Preparation

We would like to suggest some special books which can help the candidates to crack this exam. Below we have mentioned the details.

  1. NCERT Books: Start with NCERT books from Class 6 to 12 for subjects like History, Geography, Polity, and Economy. They provide a strong foundation for understanding basic concepts.
  2. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth: This book is considered the bible for Indian Polity preparation and covers the entire syllabus comprehensively.
  3. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh: This book is highly recommended for the Economics portion of the exam and covers both the static and dynamic aspects of the Indian economy.
  4. Indian History by Bipin Chandra: This book is a good source for modern Indian history. 
  5. Geography of India by Majid Husain: It is a comprehensive book for Indian Geography and covers both physical and human geography.
  6. General Studies Paper II for Civil Services Preliminary Examination by McGraw-Hill: This book can be useful for the CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) paper.
  7. Odia Language Books: If the candidates are not proficient in the Odia language, they should refer to books that help candidates improve their language skills.
  8. Current Affairs: Read newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, or any other trusted newspaper regularly for current affairs. 
  9. Magazines: Read magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle, and Civil Services Times for current affairs and other relevant information.
  10. Odisha State-Specific Books: For state-specific knowledge, the candidates may need books related to Odisha’s history, geography, culture, and current affairs. 
  11. Optional Subject Books: Depending on the candidates choice of optional subjects, candidates need specialized books. Ensure that they choose books that cover the syllabus comprehensively.

OPSC OAS Previous Year question papers

OPSC OAS exam previous year question papers are very important to evaluate the past year exams, understand the exam difficulty level, and important topics that must prepare for the exam. Here is the Link of the question paper pdf.

Previous Year cut off and Safe score

The previous year cut-off for OPSC OAS exam varies from year to year and depends on factors such as the number of vacancies and the performance of the candidates. Candidates can check the cut off 2020-21 below.

Previous Year cut off and Safe score
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Preparation Strategy for OPSC OAS Exam

Embarking on the journey to conquer the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) examination administered by the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) is a commendable aspiration. This test serves as a gateway to a prestigious career in the state’s civil services, offering an opportunity to make a significant impact on society. Navigating the vast syllabus and rigorous selection process demands a well-structured strategy.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of OAS preparation, exploring various aspects of crafting an effective strategy. From the importance of self-study plans to the benefits of enrolling in specialized courses, we will equip you with the insights and knowledge necessary to embark on this challenging yet rewarding journey toward becoming an OAS officer.

Self-study plan

A self-study plan is a cornerstone of success when preparing for the OPSC OAS exam. It offers numerous benefits, primarily empowering candidates with flexibility and personalized learning. Aspirants can tailor their schedules to their strengths and weaknesses with a well-structured self-study plan. It ensures focused attention where needed most. It cultivates self-discipline and time-management skills, essential for managing the extensive syllabus effectively.

Self-study allows for in-depth understanding and retention of complex topics. It fosters a deeper connection with the material and encourages critical thinking, both vital for excelling in the competitive OAS exam. A self-study plan is the linchpin of a strategic and successful OPSC OAS exam preparation journey.

Prepare with courses

Self-paced courses are a powerful asset in the OPSC OAS exam preparation strategy. These courses provide several advantages enhancing the candidates prospects of success. Self-courses provide structured content, aligning perfectly with the exam syllabus, saving valuable time on research and resource selection.

It provides the convenience of learning at the candidates own pace, adapting to their individual needs and schedule. These courses often include practice tests and quizzes, helping the candidates assess their progress and identify areas for improvement. Self-courses serve as invaluable companions on the candidates path to mastering the OPSC OAS exam.


How can I improve my answer writing skills for the Main Exam?

Practicing answer writing is crucial. Candidates should regularly write answers, and focus on clarity, structure, and use of relevant examples. Joining a test series can also be helpful.

How can I apply for the OPSC OAS Exam?

Candidates can apply online through the official OPSC website when the commission releases the notification for the exam.

How can I prepare for the Odia Language Paper in the Main Exam?

For candidates not well-versed in the Odia language, it’s crucial to dedicate time to language learning. Reading Odia newspapers, books, and practicing writing in Odia can help improve language proficiency.

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