[Detail Solution] Punjab and Haryana High court Question Papers

Descriptive Paper – Punjab and Haryana High court All Question Papers

1. Write an essay of 150 words on any one of the following topics:
a. Cinema, both entertains and educates the masses
b. Environmental Pollution is a cause for concern
c. Qualities Needed for Success
d. Influence Of the Press

2. Your grandfather has offered to get you a pet for your birthday. Write an informal letter to him telling him what you would like, give reasons for your choice, and tell him how you would take care of your pet.
Traffic jams in your city/town are getting worse day after day. Write a formal letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) complaining about the problem and offering suggestions for improvement.

3. Write a precise of the following paragraph in not more than 1/3 number of words of the total passage.

In the act of stepping out of the boat, Nelson received a shot through the right elbow, and fell; but, as he fell, he caught the sword which he had just drawn, in his left hand, determined never to part with it while he lived, for it had belonged to his uncle. Captain Suckling and he valued it like a relic. Nisbet, who was close to him, placed him in the bottom of the boat, and laid his hat over the shattered arm, lest the sight of the blood, which gushed out in great abundance, should increase his faintness. He then examined the wound, and, taking some silk handkerchiefs from his neck, bound them round the lacerated vessels. Had it not been for this presence of mind in his stepson, Nelson must have perished. One of his bargemen, by name Lovel, tore his shirt into shreds, and made a sling with them for the broken limb. They then collected five other seamen, by whose assistance they succeeded at length in getting the boat afloat, for it had grounded with the falling tide. Nisbet took one of the ores and ordered the steersman to go close under the guns of the battery, that they might be safe from its tremendous fire. Hearing his voice, Nelson roused himself, and desired to be lifted up in the boat, that might look about him.

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