Essay on Right to freedom of expression

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Right to freedom of expression

The right to freedom of expression is the most fundamental right and gives people the right to express their views and thoughts openly. This is one of the most fundamental tools with which a truly democratic nation is recognised. It provides enough support to citizens of a nation to engage freely in social, economic and political affairs.

The right to freedom of expression was first introduced by the united states of America in “The Bill of Rights” in 1791 and the rest of the world followed it. In India, it comes under Article 19(1)-A. For Indians, it provides not only enough rope to bear their hearts in front of the government but also enough buttress to make India, the largest democratic nation in the world.

In the modern age, this right is not just limited to expressing one’s thoughts through words but it also includes expressing one’s views through writings, social sites, tv-channels and several online portals. With this right, people put both criticising and appreciating views on different situations and government plans that make authorities aware of the true nature of those.

However, under the guise of this right, some tv-channels and networking sites malice the matter which disguises the real situation. Moreover, the anti-national slogans of JNU’s few students and anti-military acts of J&K’s civilians depict a picture of frail democracy.

In summary, we can say that Right to Freedom of Expression is a blessing for democracy but it is the responsibility of both government and citizens to protect it from an evil cause.

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