Robots in future

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Robots in future

Man’s latest invention “Sophia”, the first Artificial Intelligence humanoid endowed with human emotions portrays a clear picture of the future world where robots will have played an inevitable role in human life.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are the types of computer technology that can replicate past and surroundings data for future use without much help from humans. In 1954, George Devol invented the first digitally operated and programmable robot called the “Unimate” and thereafter the whole world fell prey to its more advanced transformations.

Nowadays, there will be merely an aspect of life without robotics and artificial intelligence. Many robots in the form of toys are helping students in their education.

Banking robots like Lakshmi help bankers in their banking. We are not far when roads will be covered with self-operated automatic cars which will reduce road accidents. Recently, China has introduced the world’s first female AI news anchor- Xin Xiaomeng. India’s first indigenously built humanoid robot “Mitra” made of fibreglass is programmed for using contextual help, autonomous navigation and facial and speech recognition. Kerala has also introduced the first AI humanoid SP “KP-BOT”. Many countries focus to introduce robots in war, and border security forces, and against terrorism which will enhance the safeguard without any loss of life.

Undoubtedly, we will have an incredible future with robots, but it is still a question mark- what will happen if they will be attacked by malware or any other form of virus? Moreover, employing robots in place of humans will also create unemployment which is already huge at a global level.

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