Updated RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam 2023-24: Complete details

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RPSE 2nd Grade Exam 2023-24

In this article, we are covering details of the RPSE 2nd Grade upcoming exam that will help students in their preparation. If aspirants started or thinking to start preparing for RPSE 2nd Gradeexam 2023-24, then this is the best article for them. Here, we have covered the comprehensive details of what is RPSE 2nd Gradeexam, How to prepare for this exam, RPSE 2nd Gradeexam pattern, the syllabus, best books, preparation strategy, previous year cut-off and others.

About RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam

The RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam is a prominent assessment conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) to recruit 2nd-grade teachers for various subjects in Rajasthan government schools. It is a competitive exam that evaluates candidates knowledge, teaching abilities, and subject-specific expertise.

Aspiring candidates must meet the eligibility criteria, apply online, and undergo a selection process. The selection process involves a written test consisting of two papers. Successful candidates are appointed as 2nd-grade teachers within the Rajasthan state.

About Exam Conducting Body

The Exam Conducting Body for the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam is the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). RPSC is a constitutional body established under Article 315 of the Indian Constitution. It is responsible for conducting various competitive exams and recruitment processes to select qualified candidates for government positions in the state of Rajasthan.

The RPSC ensures a transparent and fair selection process for the 2nd Grade Teacher Exam, adhering to guidelines and regulations. Through this process, deserving candidates are appointed as 2nd-grade teachers within the state of Rajasthan.

RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam pattern

There are a total of 4 subjects in the Paper I exam. Paper I consists of 100 questions carrying 2 marks each and 0.33 marks will be deducted for the wrong answer. The time duration for Paper I is 2 hours.

Subject nameTotal Number of questionsTotal marksDuration
Geographical, Historical, Cultural, and General Knowledge of Rajasthan 40 80120 Minutes
General Knowledge of the World and India 30 60
Educational Psychology 20 40
Current Affairs of Rajasthan 10 20

RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Paper II Exam pattern

Paper II consists of 150 questions, each question carries 2 marks. The time duration of this exam is 2 hours 30 minutes and 0.33 marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

Subject nameTotal number of questionsTotal marksDuration
Knowledge of Secondary and Sr. Secondary Standards about the relevant subject matter 90180  150 Minutes
Knowledge of Graduation Standards about the relevant subject matter 4080 
Teaching Methods of the relevant subject 2040 

RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Syllabus

Geographical, Historical, Cultural, and General Knowledge of RajasthanLocation, growth, extent, vegetation, relief features, climate, drainage, agriculture, livestock, dairy development, population distribution, sex ratio, religious composition, industries, planning, budgetary trends, literacy, and major tourist centers.
Ancient Culture and Civilisation of Rajasthan, Kalibangan, Ahar, Bairath, Ganeshwar.
History of Rajasthan from the 8th to 18th Century 

1. Gurjar Pratihars
2. Chauhans of Ajmer
3. Relations with Delhi Sultanate – Mewar, Ranthambore and Jalore
4. Rajasthan and Mughals – Sanga, Pratap, Mansingh of Amer, Chandrasen, Rai Singh of Bikaner, Raj Singh of Mewar
History of freedom struggle in Rajasthan 
1. Peasants and Tribal Movements
2. Prajamandal Movement
Integration of Rajasthan
Role of Women during Medieval and Modern period
Educational Psychology  1. Educational Psychology – Meaning, scope, and implications for teachers in classroom situations. Various psychologists and their contributions to education. 

2. Learning – Meaning and types, different theories of learning and implications for a teacher, transfer of learning, factors affecting learning, and constructivist learning. 

3. Development of learner – Physical, emotional, and social development, development of the child as an individual- concept development. 

4. Personality – meaning, theories and assessment, adjustment and its mechanism, maladjustment. 

5. Intelligence and creativity – meaning, theories and measurement, role in learning, emotional intelligence- concept and practices, human cognition. 

6. Motivation – meaning and role in the process of learning, achievement motivation.  

7. Bairath – meaning and sources, Education of children with special needs, Gifted and talented students, slow learners, delinquency. 

8. Development and implications in the education of Self-concept, attitudes, interests, habits, aptitude, and social skills.
General Knowledge of World & India  1. Continents, Oceans, and their characteristics 

2. Global wind system 

3. Environmental problems 

4. Global strategies 

5. Globalization and its impacts 

6. Population trend and distribution 

7. India and U.N.O. 

8. Major trends in International policies with special reference to Globalization and Nuclear non-proliferation. 

9. Location and its advantages 

10. Monsoonal system 

11. Drainage characteristics 

12. Changing patterns of agriculture and industries 

13. National income concept & trends.

14. Poverty, reduction schemes 

15. Features of India’s foreign policy 

16. Nehru’s contribution in its making. 

17. Major Landmarks in the Constitutional History of India with special reference to Government of India Acts of 1919 and 1935 

18. Gandhi’s contribution to National Movement
Ambedkar and Constitution1. Making and Salient features of Indian Constitution 

2. Fundamental Rights 

3. Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy 

4. Offices of the Indian President and Prime Minister 

5. India’s federal system 

6. Major Political Parties
Society and Religion1. Lok Devata and Devian 

2. Saints of Rajasthan 

3. Architecture – Temples, Forts, and Palaces 

4. Paintings – Various Schools 

5. Fairs and Festivals 

6. Customs, Dresses, and Ornaments 

7. Folk Music and Dance 

8. Language and Literature
Polity1. Office of Governor 

2. Role and Functions of Chief Minister and Cabinet State

3. Secretariat and Chief Secretary 

4. Organization and role of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission and State Human Rights Commission 

5. Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan

RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Paper II Syllabus

General Knowledge (Paper I)Download Syllabus pdf
HindiDownload Syllabus pdf
EnglishDownload Syllabus pdf
MathematicsDownload Syllabus pdf
SanskritDownload Syllabus pdf
ScienceDownload Syllabus pdf
PunjabiDownload Syllabus pdf
Social ScienceDownload Syllabus pdf
UrduDownload Syllabus pdf

Best books for RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Preparation

Here we are suggesting some books which are highly demanded and cover the entire syllabus of the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam.

  1. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Guide” by Arihant Experts.
  2. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Study Package” by R. Gupta.
  3. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Solved Papers” by Upkar Prakashan.
  4. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Mathematics” by R.S Agarwal.
  5. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam General Knowledge” by Lucent Publications.
  6. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam English” by Wren and Martin.
  7. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Rajasthan General Knowledge” by Laxminarayan Nathuramka.
  8. “RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam Child Development and Pedagogy” by Wiley’s Editorial Board.

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Previous year question papers

RPSE 2nd Grade exam previous year question papers are very important to evaluate the past year exams, understand the exam difficulty level, and important topics that must prepare for the exam. Here is the Link of the question paper pdf.

Preparation Strategy for RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam

In this blog, we will explore essential aspects to help you excel in the examination. Our focus will be on two crucial components: self-study plans and curated courses. Self-study plans offer personalized approaches, time management techniques, and tips to stay motivated.

They are designed to cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring an efficient and structured journey. We will present a range of curated courses, including online resources, video tutorials, study guides, and practice tests. These materials complement self-study efforts and provide invaluable guidance from experienced educators. Get ready to optimize your preparation and achieve success.

Self Study plan

Self-study plans are crucial in RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher exam preparation as they offer a personalized and systematic approach to learning. These plans allow candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement. Students can manage time effectively, set achievable goals, and maintain consistency with a structured study schedule.

Self-study plans instill discipline and self-motivation, promoting independent learning. Candidates can adapt the plan according to their unique needs, making it a powerful tool to optimize preparation efforts, build confidence, and succeed in the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher exam.

Prepare with courses

Preparation with self-courses is a key aspect of the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher exam strategy, offering flexibility and autonomy in the learning process. Self-courses allow candidates to study at their own pace, catering to individual learning preferences and schedules. These courses provide comprehensive study materials, and practice exercises, and enable candidates to cover the entire syllabus independently.

The self-paced nature of these courses promotes self-discipline and responsibility, empowering students to take ownership of their preparation. This approach enhances confidence, knowledge retention, and ensures a well-rounded readiness for the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher exam.

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FAQs on RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam

Is there any negative marking in the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam?

Yes, 0.33 marks will be deducted for the wrong answer.

What is the time duration for this exam?

The duration of this exam is 2 hours for Paper I and 2 hours 30 minutes for Paper II.

Are there any coaching institutes that offer preparation for the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam?

Yes, several coaching institutes offer preparation classes and study material for the RPSE 2nd Grade Teacher Exam. Preparation can also be done through self-study using the official syllabus and the previous year’s question papers.

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