Safe And Nutritious Food (SNF)

FSSAI Role Function and Initiative – is the most important topic as per FSSAI Exam 2021 syllabus. in this post, I am providing “A General Understanding of FSSAI Role, Functions and Initiatives” detailed Notes and this is the Next chapter –Safe and Nutritious Food.

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FSSAI realizes that “if safe and wholesome food to every Indian citizen is to be ensured on a sustainable basis, then reliance only on traditional regulatory tools like standards, enforcement, and compliance would not suffice. so, they have to actively work towards Social and behavioural change”.

On this Philosophy, FSSAI started project SNF (safe and Nutritious Food) and adopts a 360-degree approach for citizen guidance and behavioural change in every sphere like at home, school, workplace, or eating out.

The Purpose of starting SNF is to build awareness and capacity building to create a culture of consuming safe and wholesome food and build a mind of people that safe and nutritious food has to be a way of life.

3 Pillars of Building Consumer Awareness

there are three pillars of building consumer awareness for safe and nutritious food. these are Eat Right Campus, East Right School and Eat Right Toolkit as given in the below image.

safe and nutritious food

Awareness Programmes initiated by FSSAI –

  1. Pink Book for home Kitchen
  2. Dart Book for simple tests for adulterants
  3. Yellow book for school children
  4. Orange book for workplaces
  5. online SNF portal
  6. simple training modules to educate citizens
  7. appoint National Level Resource Persons (NLRPs)
  8. Appoint Health and Wellness Coordinators (HWC) for relevant domains.
  9. Online certification programs
  10. create Mascots in the form of Master and Miss Sehat

SNF Initiatives

SNF initiatives at Home:

  • Pink Book and Dart Book and their dissemination on a large scale.
  • SNF portal of FSSAI
  • RWAs for health and wellness coordinators and domestic workers’ training

SNF initiatives at School:

  • Dissemination of Yellow Book into schools across the states
  • Translate the training materials in local language
  • build awareness about SNF in Schools
  • Mobilise schools for implementation of SNF

SNF at Workplace

  • Dissemination of Orange Book at workplaces
  • Outreach to workplaces in the Government and other Sectors
  • Awareness about the SNF portal

SNF at Eat Out

  • Serve Safe
    • appoint Food Safety Supervisor
    • Mandatory to display “food safety display board” at FBOs.
    • Promoting “hygienic Certification” to large FBOs, Stations etc.
  • Clean Street Food initiative to aware and train street food vendors
  • BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) initiative in places of worship

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