Terrorism is like a virus that acts against humanity, kindness and love. It has become one of the greatest issues the world ever faced. Terrorism can be defined as a type of violence and intimidation of civilians for self-interest or any political cause. It has no religion, no face though incubated everywhere in the world. ISIS, AL-Qaeda, and Jaish-e-Mohammed are a few terrorist groups that come under its red list.

Today there will be merely any country which has not been the victim of terrorism. We have still not forgotten the attack on the World Trade Centre. Peshawar school attack, Norway bombing, London bombing, and Paris attack are the world’s major heart-wrenching terrorism devastations.

It’s a pity that the whole world is suffering from this disease but many countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria etc. are still sponsoring it. Moreover, many more like Saudi Arabia, and China are those who use it as a political weapon.

From the get-go of civilisation, India is against violence and terrorism. Mostly, India suffers from cross-border terrorism. Mumbai bomb blast, Delhi bombing, Parliament attack, Uri attack, and Pulwama attack are the series of onslaughts that hampered the growth of India. Fortunately, India stopped the Intolerance policy against terrorism. Against the backdrop of the Pulwama attack, the Indian military responded to militants’ activities by a Surgical strike and Airstrike.

The most recent attack on praying civilians in the Church of Sri Lanka made us realise that it cannot stop unless the whole world will not truly unite on this issue.

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