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Static GK books include information on all the basic things one has to know about in life. These books talk about History, Evolution, Science, Religion, Economics, Politics, Current Affairs, Geography, Commerce, and so much more.

we are providing you static GK books and static GK notes in pdf format for free to download. Books are very useful for students and in this competitive world, it is really mandated to carry books all the time so that whenever we get time we will utilize it to improve our careers. Static GK book is very useful for upcoming exams like UPSC CSE, UPSC CDS, NDA, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, RAILWAYS, ASRB, FSSAI, ICAR, KVS, NVS, UGC NET, STATE PCS exams and other central and state government exams. This book will also help you to compete in any national-level competition. so we are providing you this book free of cost (in the e-book or pdf format).

What is Static GK?

Static GK is about the static facts, the facts that are never going to change in the future. Facts in Static GK covers people, places, things, important days, currencies, dances, etc. Like history, static GK also never changes with time.

It is very important to know the exam pattern of SSC Exams such as SSC CHSL, CGL, etc. Every student is having a question “How many questions will be there from General Awareness for SSC”. The exam pattern shows you the total number of questions with marks for each section

Learning static GK helps to increase the overall score in the examination as the questions asked are factual and direct. It helps to save time while preparing for the exams and candidates can utilize that time for the preparation of tricky sections. 

A significant portion of exams for high posts is dedicated to current affairs and static GK questions only, not just that, keeping up to date with static GK also helps candidates sail smoothly in their interview rounds. 

Bearing all this in mind, we have collated the list of some essential Static GK topics that you cannot afford to miss while preparing for any competitive examinations.

Static Gk BOOKS [pdf] free download

There are 47 books. Books are too detailed that anyone can read it.

BOOKS NAMELink of Books
Wildlife Sanctuaries In IndiaDownload
UNESCO World Heritage SitesDownload
Tiger Reserves of IndiaDownload
Temples of India StaticDownload
State And CropsDownload
Sports StadiumsDownload
Rivers Of IndiaDownload
Research Centers Of IndiaDownload
Reports And Index By OrganisationsDownload
Ramsar Sites In IndiaDownload
Popular Books IndiaDownload
Popular Beaches Of IndiaDownload
Olympic Games And IndiaDownload
Old And New Names Of Cities & CountriesDownload
Oil Refineries In IndiaDownload
Nuclear Plants in IndiaDownload
Nobel Prize And IndiaDownload
Nicknames Of Indian CitiesDownload
Nicknames Of Famous Personalities IndiaDownload
National Parks in IndiaDownload
National And International AirportsDownload
Mountains of IndiaDownload
Military Operations Of IndiaDownload
Major and Minor ports in IndiaDownload
Maharatna Navratna And Miniratna CompaniesDownload
Largest Longest Tallest Highest IndiaDownload
Inventions And DiscoveriesDownload
Indian State EmblemsDownload
India And Its NeighboursDownload
Important WaterfallsDownload
Important Straits Of WorldDownload
Important MonumentsDownload
Important Defence ExercisesDownload
Important Days NationalDownload
Important Days InternationalDownload
Important CrematoriumsDownload
Important Awards In IndiaDownload
Folk Dances Of IndiaDownload
First Person In India MaleDownload
First Person In India FemaleDownload
Fairs And Festivals part 1Download
Fairs And Festivals Part 2Download
Elephant Reserves of IndiaDownload
Classical Dances of IndiaDownload
Bird Sanctuaries in IndiaDownload
Biosphere Reserves of IndiaDownload


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FAQs on Static GK Notes

What is Static GK, and how does it differ from Current Affairs?

Static GK refers to general knowledge related to facts, events, and information that remain constant over time. It includes topics such as geography, history, culture, and basic scientific principles. In contrast, Current Affairs covers recent events and developments.

Why is Static GK important in competitive exams and general knowledge assessments?

Static GK is important because it forms the foundational knowledge required to understand a wide range of topics. It provides context for current events and helps individuals have a well-rounded knowledge base, making it crucial for competitive exams and general awareness.

Where can I find Static GK notes and materials for exam preparation?

Static GK notes and materials can be found in various sources, including books, educational websites, online courses, and study guides. Many exam-oriented books and websites like offer comprehensive Static GK content.

What are some key topics covered in Static GK notes?

Static GK notes cover a wide range of topics, including world geography, Indian history, major rivers and mountains, famous personalities, national symbols, and important dates in history. These notes help individuals understand the basics of various subjects.

How can I effectively study and retain Static GK information?

To effectively study and retain Static GK information, create a study schedule, break down topics into manageable sections, use mnemonic devices for memorization, and regularly review the material. Practice quizzes and tests can also help reinforce your knowledge.

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