Vardhana Dynasty (Post-Gupta Period)

Notes on Vardhana Dynasty and Post – Gupta period for different Competitive exams and Government Exams – Ancient India – Chapterwise history notes – Pushyabhuti or Vardhana dynasty

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Vardhana Dynasty
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Important points on Vardhana Dynasty

  • The Pushyabhuti or Vardhana dynasty was founded in Thaneswar (Kurukshetra district, Haryana) 
  • Founder – Pushyabhuti 
  • The first important ruler was Prabhakaravardhana. 
  • Rajyavardhana was the son of Prabhakaravardhana. 
  • Deva Gupta (the ruler of Malwa) with the help of Shashanka, killed Rajyavardhana brother-in-law and imprisoned Rajyashri (Sister of Rajyavardhana). 
  • Rajyavardhana was killed by Shashanka in the campaign to release his sister Rayashri. 
  • Harshavardhana, the younger brother of Rajyavardhana ascended the throne.
    • He rescued his sister “Rajyashri” and drove out Shashanka from Kannauj. 
    • He has taken the title of Siladitya. 
    • In his time period, he was only defeated by Pulkeshin II of the Chalukya dynasty. This defeat was mentioned in the Aihole inscription written by Pulakesin II court poet Ravikirti. 
    • Hiuen-Tsang visited India during Harsha’s reign. 
    • Harsha wrote three Sanskrit plays – Nagananda, Ratnavali and Priyadarsika.
  • Banabhatta wrote Harshacharita.

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