Women Empowerment

“God resides there, where women are worshipped”- Manu Smriti these words explain the importance of women in building a society. So, it cannot be denied that “if we want to see the development of a Nation, we need to only see- the status of women.”

The perimeter of responsibilities for a woman has enlarged today. They are taking a lead role in the nation’s decisions, industrial field, sports, economy, astronomy and whatnot. This is only made possible through “women empowerment”. It gives women abilities to take decisions and equal rights as men in all dimensions of life. The concept of empowering women originated first time in the USA in 1960.

However, in recent years the empowerment of women has been recognised as the central issue in determining the status of women. It is still a stereotypical belief of male superiority over females in India. Women are discriminated against and marginalised at every level of society. Many women are often subjected to rape, harassment, and domestic violence.

In the account of improving women’s status, the Government has initiated many effective plans like ‘Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao’; ‘Janani Suraksha’ etc. Laws like ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005’, ‘And sexual Harassment Act, 2013’ have been formulated to ensure the safety and dignity of women in our country. Ministry of women and child development, the national commission for women is solely dedicated to women’s empowerment. Moreover, Triple Talaq has become void and illegal. There is a need to become perceived that the prosperity of a family, society even Nation cannot be achieved without the women’s participation which can only be possible if they got equal dignity to men.

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