A word processor is application software that enables a user to create, save, edit, format, and print text documents. In this post, we are providing students with a complete note on Word Processors. This post is a part of our Free and Complete Computer Notes important for most of the competitive Exams as UPSC CSE, State PCS, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, FSSAI, ASRB, Railways, DMRC, CDS, NDA, and others. You can also check out Our Courses.

Advantages of Word Processors

  • It is able to create documents faster and with ease.
  • It is able to correct errors easily.
  • It stores and retrieves documents easily.
  • Documents produced are of high quality.
  • It can open several files or documents simultaneously.
  • It provides online help.
  • It provides formatting facilities that enhance the appearance of the text.

Disadvantages of Word Processors

  • It creates an overreliance on its use.
  • It is expensive to acquire and maintain.
  • It requires skilled personnel.
  • It is dependent on electricity/ power.
  • It is prone to virus attacks and destruction.

Features of Word Processors

  1. Inserting text: Allows you to insert text in the document.
  2. Delete Text: This allows you to erase characters, numbers, lines, and paragraphs across the document.
  3. Cut and Paste: This allows you to remove (cut) a section of text from one place in a document and insert (paste) somewhere else in the document.
  4. Copy: This allows you to duplicate a section of text.
  5. Page size and margin: This allows you to define various page sizes and margins.
  6. Search and Replace: This allows you to direct the word processor to search for a particular word or phrase then direct the word processor to replace one group of characters with another anywhere in the document.
  7. Word Wrap: The word processor automatically moves to the next line when you have filled one line with a text, and it will readjust text if you change the margins.
  8. Print: This allows you to send a document to a printer to get a hard copy.
  9. Headers and Footers: This allows you to create personalized words on documents at the top or bottom of a page.
  10. Page Numbering: Word processor automatically keeps track of page numbers so that the correct number appears on each page.
  11. Font Specifications: This allows you to change fonts within the document.
  12. Mail Merge: It creates customized letters from a form, letter, and list of names and addresses.
  13. Spelling Checker: Spelling can be checked for individual words, for the marked text, or the entire document.

Purpose of Word Processing

Mostly, word processors are used for writing letters, reports, projects, books, essays, memos, curriculum vitae, etc.

Examples of Word Processor Programs

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Word Perfect
  3. Word Pro
  4. Open Office Writer
  5. Word Star
  6. AmiPro

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